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Flooring For Beginners  Blog Archive  Garage Tile Flooring – Pros And Cons

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Garage Tile Flooring – Pros And Cons

What makes the best garage floor is a matter of personal preferences. While many like to opt for rolled flooring, others consider tiles to be the best for the purpose. Whatever be the choice of material used for the purpose, it’s a good decision to have garage flooring. Some of its benefits are: bringing warmth to otherwise cold floor, cleaning becomes easier, adds to the looks of the garage, making it bright and cheerful and sound proofing quality, though to a limited extent.

This article is intended to inform you about garage tile flooring and the pros and cons you should consider before installing it in your garage.

Tiles are believed to have been around since Middle Ages and continued to constitute a popular form of floor covering for generations till date. One reason for their present popularity is the large variety in simple to highly decorative designs.

Tile flooring for garages is available in two types:

Interlocking type – these are square shaped compartment mats that are connected.

Peel and stick type – these tiles get bonded with the concrete.

The interlocking tiles can be installed on any kind of garage floor but are not as durable as the peel and stick type of tiles. The limitation, if it may be so called, with the peel and stick kind of tiles is that they demand the floor to be extremely clean or new. These tiles are unable to establish a bond with not so clean or stained flooring.

Many people don’t like to consider anything beyond tile flooring for garage and consider these to be the best and ultimate in garage flooring. Though concrete floors may be protected using painting, tiles are very convenient to install. Of course garage tile flooring has its own plus and negative points that we shall soon know.

Garage tile flooring could prove to be expensive, depending upon the design, quality and brand that you may opt for. Kits are available at most home improvement stores and the cost for an average sized garage could easily be around $500 plus the installation expense, unless of course you decide to do it of your own. A very economical option would be a floor mat, but then its maintenance and cleaning is not convenient really.

Garage tile flooring are easily the most convenient to install and come second only to floor mats. Installation of interlocking tiles is also very simple and you just need to connect as them as if you were connecting building blocks. The peel and stick kind are perhaps the simplest to install, you just peel off the back and stick the tiles to the concrete, but the floor has to be absolutely clean.

Flooring For Beginners  Blog Archive  Garage Tile Flooring – Pros And Cons

Undoubtedly, the installation of garage tiles is really easy, but that’s a very time-consuming project. It will be good to divide your garage floor into a few parts and take one part at a time rather than starting in a haphazard manner and getting frustrated and tired of it.

The practical difficulty that you may experience while installing interlocking tile flooring is that tiles tend to shift around as they are not tightly fixed in place. The peel and stick variety wouldn’t stick firmly unless the floor is absolutely clean and we all are well aware how difficult it is to achieve that.

Coming to the maintenance part of it, tile flooring is certainly among the easiest. Just mop up the floor with a damp cloth once a week to have a clean floor. You may like to have periodic thorough cleaning with detergent and water to get rid of oil stains etc.

Before you go ahead with your garage tile flooring project, make sure to go thru the instructions provided by the manufacturer for getting the best results.

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