Floor Paint For Garages Garage Floor Paint Garage Floor Coatings

Floor Paint For Garages Garage Floor Paint Garage Floor Coatings

Floor Paint for Garages

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The floor is one of the first things a person notices, whether they walk into a kitchen, living room, basement or garage. In the case of garage flooring. it’s important to make sure that the floor is not only presentable but that it can resist some of the abuse it can take over time. Of course, that leaves you with a number of decisions to make as far as floor paint. One of the most popular types of brands of paint for the garage is epoxy. This type of floor paint can be used for residential as well as commercial applications.

Benefits of Using Epoxy

If you want a concrete floor paint that is reliable, then you have good reason to choose a paint made of epoxy. There are a number of reasons you should select this type of paint:


* The paint resists tire marks.

* In addition, the paint is made to withstand salt and oil; therefore, it’s a safe, slip-resistant coating.

* An epoxy floor paint is also an ideal paint to use in a garage as it’s able to resist abrasion and chemicals.

* The paint is four times thicker than paint that is water-based.

* You won’t hardly notice any paint odor either when you apply this premium garage floor paint.

A New Attitude

Given the benefits, you’ll like giving your garage a whole new attitude with this high-grade paint. Of course, the next major decision will be to pick out the perfect color for your flooring. Epoxy paint comes in a number of colors designed specifically for individual tastes and preference. For example, you may want to choose a stone gray color or a tan shade may be something you’d prefer. Or, enliven your garage flooring with a vibrant red or even neon hues.

Obtain the Square Footage

With respect to the amount you’ll need, you can either choose to buy industrial floor paint in buckets or kits. To figure out how much it will take, you’ll need to take measurements of the floor space and get the square footage.

Types of Epoxy

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You should also be aware that epoxy coatings come in three varieties, namely 100% epoxy and water-based and solvent-based solutions. If you choose a water-based epoxy, then the solid material of the finish is around 50%. Many people like this type of epoxy-based paint as it doesn’t contain a great deal of the harmful fumes associated with other industrial epoxy-based paints. However, many people opt for solvent kinds of epoxy paints whose solid content is around 50%. That’s because they adhere well to concrete flooring. Because this type of solvent does release toxic fumes, you should wear a mask when you apply it as well as keep your garage well-ventilated.

One Hundred Percent Epoxy

Floor Paint For Garages Garage Floor Paint Garage Floor Coatings

One hundred percent epoxy paint, as you might guess, contains 100% solid epoxy content. Nonetheless, it’s not recommended for residential applications as it dries to a solid rapidly and can be rather expensive. Therefore, it is usually suggested that painting professionals use this type of solvent for commercial applications.

Prepping the Floor

To apply epoxy paint, you’ll first have to prep the floor. In other words, you’ll need to vacuum and wash the concrete, making sure that you remove all grease and oil spots as well as any paint. Also, make sure that moisture is not a problem in your garage as epoxy is not the best paint to choose if your garage flooring shows evidence of this type of problem.

Getting Rid of the Imperfections

Once the floor has been cleaned, you’ll be finally ready to paint. Apply the epoxy finish evenly over your floor. Although one coat can suffice, if you are using epoxy solvent or water-based epoxy, it’s best to apply about three coats. It takes under a half hour for each coat to dry. However, it’s best that you apply one coat per day.

Make the Floor Extra Safe

When you spread the second coat, you might also want to add some non-skid material to the paint. Always keep the garage open and have an adequate flow of air when you are painting and for about an hour and a half after you’ve completed applying the finish.

Using epoxy will help to revitalize your garage by making any cement or concrete floor more durable and attractive.

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