ESD Carpet Tile Installation for Access Floors- ESD sheet tile carpet flooring anti static

ESD Carpet Tile Installation for Access Floors- ESD sheet tile carpet flooring anti static

ESD Carpet Tile: Installation

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Moisture Barrier Information

Staticworx is not responsible for any floor installation failures associated with unaddressed pre-existing site conditions like vapor transmission, moisture permeation, contaminated concrete and damaged subfloors. Always determine if there is a vapor barrier below concrete subfloors before beginning any flooring installation.

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Apply Adhesive: Use only Conductive ESD Releasable Adhesive. This is a conductive, pressure-sensitive carpet tile adhesive designed for flooring applications.


Trowel Notch Size: Staticworx recommends using a 1/16 x 1-16 U notch trowel. If applying Black adhesive, use a 1/32 x 1-32 U notch trowel (figure A). Floor should have full coverage of adhesive for proper bonding of carpet tiles. DO NOT USE A ROLLER ON CONCRETE FLOOR INSTALLATIONS. Allow adhesive to dry fully before moving to next step- adhesive should be tacky when dry. (To make sure adhesive is fully dry/tacky, the adhesive should not transfer to your finger when touched.)

Install Grounding Strips: To properly ground the flooring, place a 2 x 24 copper grounding strip on top of the adhesive (under the carpet) and extend the strip up the wall at least 6 to 8. Be sure there is an accessible ground at the wall to tie into after the carpeting is installed. If there is no accessible ground, prior to installation a certified electrician can tap into the electrical circuitry and drop a wire (no smaller than #10 stranded copper wire) inside a wall and cut a small hole in the baseboard so the wire can emerge. Staticworx recommends installing one copper grounding strip per 1,000 square feet throughout the installation. A thin coating of releasable adhesive should be applied on top of grounding strip to ensure good contact with carpet tile.

ESD Carpet Tile Installation for Access Floors- ESD sheet tile carpet flooring anti static

Installing Carpet Tiles: Measure the area to find the best starting point for a maximum size perimeter tile. Proper planning should avoid trimming perimeter tiles more than half their width. Next, divide the room into 4 quadrants by snapping chalk lines on the floor from the center of each opposing wall. The two center lines must bisect at right angles in the center of the room. To achieve a perfect right angle, which is essential for a proper install, form a triangle by measuring 6′ x 8′ x 10′ (figure B).

Using the chalk lines as your guide, begin laying the carpet tiles using the pyramid technique (figure C). Install one quadrant at a time following the numerical sequence. The corners of the tiles should lie flat with seams lightly touching. Do not jam carpet tiles, instead use a seam roller to blend carpet seams. Note: Loop pile tiles may have some yarn blossoming at the edges which may require trimming.

Connect Grounding: The foil or wire can be tapped into an exposed steel column or applicable building ground and secured using a screw and washer (figure D).

Staticworx ESD Carpet Electrical Properties: Staticworx ESD Carpet has been designed to provide an efficient conductive path-toground for static electricity occurring on the surface of the floor (figure E). The electrical resistance range should be 2.5 x 10 4 — 1.0 x 10 8 Ohms based on NFPA 99.


For questions or assistance, please contact Customer Service at (617) 923-2000, Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST.

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