Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

There is probably no floor on earth that gets less respect than the floor of your garage! Exposed to oils and corrosive fluids dripping from vehicles; generally vulnerable to extremes in temperatures of climates in unheated garage structures, rarely cleaned or maintained, over the decades your garage floor can become stained and degraded, leading to the eventual need for a costly replacement.

There are many options for protecting the floor of your garage, most of which are accessible to the Do-It-Yourselfer.

Garage Floor Epoxies & Coatings

One of the easiest and perhaps most cost effective methods of garage floor covering is painting or applying other surface treatments to the garage floor surface. Painting or polyurethane surfacing is ideally undertaken when the floor is new and undamaged as a means to protect your investment.

Armorclad Epoxy Floor Coating

However, with a little patch and repair work done in preparation, treatments such as Armorclad Epoxy Floor coating—available in a kit designed for use by the home handyman, can be done for thousands less than the franchise boys will charge for the same effect. Each kit features a lifetime warranty, hi-performance topcoat, showroom gloss finish, skid resistant finish, non water based epoxy, and over six pounds of decorative chips. Armorclad is 3 times thicker than competitive products, a formula which is rated military grade for durability, salt and chemical resistant and self leveling in an easy one day application process.

Rustoleum Epoxy Shield

Rustoleum also has an glossy epoxy treatment: EploxyShield which is the only formula on the market with a built in gasoline resistance, as well as protection against antifreeze, motor oil, road salt and hot tire pickup and which cleans up with soap and water. The Rustoleum kit includes water based epoxy coating (2 part installation), concentrated cleaner, decorative chips, stir stick, detailed instructions and as well as an instructional video.


Epoxy-Coat offers a flooring treatment that is suitable not only for garage floors but also patio and basements and which is useable not only on concrete on wood floors and decks as well. This isn’t a product you’ll use on the wife’s parquet flooring, but its versatility can’t be beat. Offering over 70 flake colors to choose from and 16 paint effect colors, Epoxy-Coats features a 100% solids formula (simply put, you lose no product volume in the drying and curing process) where the competition can often only boast a 30-40% solids ratio. Included in each kit is:

Epoxy-Coat™ Part A Epoxy-Coat™ Part B Epoxy Clean & Prep Solution roller cover Cut-In Chip Brush, squeegee, mechanical mixer gloves Disposable 6-Gallon Bucket Aluminum Oxide (Non-slip) Color Chips (Included, but optional) Measuring Stick Detailed Instruction DVD/Booklet

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy-Coat offers a lifetime guarantee and makes that boast that it is the only do-it-yourself kit that can be applied in 3 hours. The application is all in one, has no odor, equals five coats of standard paint in thickness and is non water based.

Ucoatit Epoxy Garage Floor System

Ucoatit is another epoxy garage floor coating system is favored by a number of dealerships and body shops and is also versatile enough for suitable for a variety of residential applications including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, utility rooms, pet areas, pole barns and basements. Ucoat is commercial grade, water based—no odor—product that is fully as durable as the chemically based epoxy coatings. Ucoat is also distinctive for being moisture insensitive, cutting down on the drying time needed after cleaning and preparing the surface to be coated. This product can be roller applied to a wet-damp surface a procedure that yields maximum bonding to substrate and maximum penetration of the concrete or wood flooring applied to.

Ucoat boasts resistance to future damage from chemicals, impacts and abrasions, is unaffected by moisture, welding spatter, floor jacks, and comes with the additional patented “Utex” non slip additive in every kit, making a Ucoatit floor uniquely safe to walk on while wet.

These are just some of the floor covering choices for the garage do-it-yourselfer; additional products and resources can be found researching the net. The place I always start my fact checking and product comparison is Amazon.com which has the added advantage of offering user reviews with almost every product, and some of the best pricing deals –not only in town but countrywide!

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