Epoxy Floor Products The Garage Organization Company.

Epoxy Floor Products The Garage Organization Company.

Why choose garage floor coating?

Although The Garage Organization Company’s main focus has always been innovative garage storage  organization products, we take into account the importance that an aesthetically pleasing garage holds for many customers. When home owners organize their garage with our cutting edge garage storage products such as overhead racks. they realize their full garage enhancement potential, and may wish to further beautify their garage. The Garage Organization Company offers many ways to enhance one’s garage, such as garage Storage Cabinets. or Secure Track systems. However, the garage floor itself may become overlooked and unenhanced. Organizing the garage is important, as is finding a place for all of one’s storage, but the enhancement of a garage floor may be vital to some customers. For this reason, The Garage Organization Company offers floor coating products in order to meet the demands of home owners seeking garage floor enhancement.

Epoxy flooring is provides a means  for home owners to beautify otherwise unattractive concrete garage floors, and provide home owners with an easier to clean surface than typical garage flooring. Epoxy Floor Coating products make cleaning up oil stains, or sweeping up dirt or dust simple, benefitting the organized feel of any garage, and greatly enhancing the garage’s appearance.

Unfortunately, installing epoxy flooring products can be a lengthy process, potentially taking up to a week before the garage is again usable for parking. However, with the introduction of new, innovative epoxy flooring products with faster set up times, home owners interested in purchasing epoxy flooring from The Garage Organization Company now have the option of choosing either our polyurethane floor coating, or our Strong Lock polyaspartic floor coating, both which only require one day of cure time before use. Once the desired floor coating has been determined, the garage floor will be prepped by The Garage Organization Company’s trained installers, and then the desired flooring product can be installed. The Garage Organization Company recommends professional installation as great care must be taken during install in order to ensure proper adhesion between the epoxy floor coating and the concrete.

Garage organization is important to any home owner that wishes to manage a functional garage, and finding a proper place for every storage item is important for those that desire a garage that is aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Sometimes, however, a garage’s floor may be so unkempt that no amount of proper garage storage organization is enough to beautify it to the home owner’s specifications. The Garage Organization Company’s floor coating products are the perfect solution to this problem, as they revolutionize the appearance, and functionality of a typical concrete garage floor. The Garage Organization Company offers only the finest quality flooring products available, and they work great as an asset to any organized garage, complimenting an Overhead Rack or Garage Storage Cabinet organizational system perfectly. For home owner’s seeking a way to enhance their garage to its fullest potential, polyurethane and Strong Lock flooring products are the perfect means of accomplishing their garage enhancement objectives.

Garage Flooring for Your Home

Installing new garage flooring is a great way to enhance a garage, giving it an organized and aesthetically pleasing feel. Epoxy garage flooring can improve the look and feel of your garage floor as well as making it easier to sweep and clean oil stains. Furthermore, Epoxy garage flooring is very durable and scratch resistant, making it perfect for high traffic areas such as the garage. However, with new garage flooring processes that have been developed in the market today, epoxy flooring has become obsolete. That is why The Garage Organization Company carries our polyurethane and Strong Lock garage flooring products that are capable of being installed in one day, as opposed to the multiple days it takes for standard epoxy to cure before it is usable.  This flooring product is sure to keep the garage looking great, as well as protecting the floor from scratches or other damage.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Epoxy floor coating, originally introduced for commercial purpose, is also available for residential use. Epoxy flooring provides a way for home owners to beautify otherwise unattractive concrete garage floors, and provide home owners with an easier to clean surface than typical garage flooring. Epoxy floor coating products make cleaning up oil stains or sweeping up dirt or dust simple, and with many colors available, helps to improve a garage’s appearance dramatically.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a strong polymer consisting of resins and hardeners that can revamp the look and feel of a garage, as well as provide a much easier surface to clean, and much more durability than a typical concrete floor. Epoxy flooring comes in various colors, giving homeowners the option of matching the color of their flooring to their garage Cabinets  or other garage enhancements, giving the garage a personalized feel and making it appear more attractive overall.

Why Garage Floor Coating Instead of Standard Concrete?

Epoxy garage flooring has many advantages over concrete flooring that comes standard in the average garage. Concrete may become cracked or stained with oil, and may also be difficult to clean.  Also, concrete may not be as attractive as an epoxy coated floor, reducing the overall attractiveness of a garage.

By installing epoxy flooring, the overall effectiveness of the garage floor can be improved greatly. Not only is epoxy flooring easier to clean, but it also adds durability to the floor, preventing wear and tear from scratches, stains, and other damage. Furthermore, concrete that is damaged already can be repaired by applying epoxy flooring. Overall, installing epoxy flooring, or an improved floor coating in the garage is an essential step to any garage enhancing project, and will greatly increase the attractiveness, strength, and functionality of any garage floor.

How is Garage Flooring Installed?

Epoxy Floor Products The Garage Organization Company.

Garage flooring is commonly installed by acid washing the concrete garage flooring before the process can begin. However, The Garage Organization Company installs all of our innovative polyurethane and Strong Lock garage flooring products by grinding the concrete, a chemical free process, as opposed to using acid to prepare the floor. By using a grinder, the process becomes more environmentally safe and prevents the use of dangerous chemicals in the garage. After the floor is prepped, the next step in the garage floor installation process is to mix the floor paint and apply it to the garage floor. If colored chips are desired, they will also be added during this step by sprinkling them onto the floor in conjunction with rolling the epoxy paint. If colored chips are not desired however, the base coat of epoxy paint will provide the color of the garage floor. The next step in the garage flooring process is to mix the clear coat that will go on top of the base coat and color chips. The clear top coat contains the hardeners that give the garage floor its strength and durability, as well as sealing the paint and chips in, ensuring that the garage floor will stand up to years of use. After the clear coat is mixed, it is applied over the base coat of garage floor paint and colored chips. Once applied, this floor will be ready for use after just one day of cure time, a great improvement over the five to seven day cure time that standard epoxy requires.


Warranty: Epoxy / Poly Urethane

Epoxy / Poly Urethane hold a 2 to 5 Year Warranty depending on the number of coats. A 2 coat floor has a 2 Year Warranty. A 3 coat floor has a 5 Year Warranty.

Warranty: Poly Aspartic

Poly Aspartic holds a 6 to 12 Year Warranty depending on the number of coats. A 2 coat floor has a 6 Year Warranty. A 3 coat floor has a 12 Year Warranty.

How warranties work. Our warranties cover peeling, loss of adhesion and fading. We do not cover scratches, gouges caused by dropping items or normal wear and tear. If a floor has been abused and has been worked on in a commercial setting, the warranty does not apply. Floor coating is a process to improve the look and protect concrete under normal home owner operations. Our poly aspartic warranties are pro-rated after the 8th year after the product has been applied. If a repair is necessary, we will do our best to color match your floor. If we need to perform a spot repair due to the loss of adhesion, we cannot exactly guarantee the color due to manufacturing changes. We will do our best to match the color. We do not warranty moisture damage. Moisture can seep up from the underneath of your foundation and cause the floor coating to dislodge. We do not warranty cracks. Cracks are a normal part of a garage floors life, and we cannot guarantee that your floor will not crack. Cracking is a normal occurrence. We can repair cracks for a charge.

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