Drylock Basement Sealer Price

Drylock Basement Sealer Price

Drylock Basement Sealer Price

Refer your home repairs on the easy side? So do I! Here ismy latest information on new and better products thatsolve our common fix-it problems.These problem solvers canlike ceiling cracks and bathroom mildew.Lets take a peek atTom Feiza, Mr.Fix-ItThe Mr.

Fix-It Secret Window Washing FormulaThis is the best home brew for washing windows.Put it in aspray bottle and use it like a commercial window cleaner.Italso makes a great spot-cleaner for many surfaces.1/2 cup sudsy ammonia1 pint 70% isopropyl alcohol1 teaspoon dishwashing detergentwaterfood coloringMix the first three ingredients.Add water to make one gal-lon.Add a few drops of food coloring.Store the mixture in aGREAT PAINTING PRODUCTSWhere can you find these products? Visit a paint store thatprofessional painting contractors use.A store like that alwaysoffers the best products and great advice.Bin from Zinsser Co.ing problems.It will cover water stains, crayon marks, knots,and marker stains.

It sticks to glossy surfaces and provides anexcellent base for latex paint, preventing stain bleeding.Itlittle odor.Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint fromPerma-White solves the problem of mildew and peeling inbathrooms and damp areas.This one is a real winner.

I haveused it in several areas with great success.It works in bath-rooms and even on basement wallswherever there aredamp conditions and a potential for mildew.Before using, you must kill the mildew.

Then apply two coatsand water.It is guaranteed to be mildew-resistant.

Whitesemi-gloss is the standard formula, but it can be tinted.Painter Quality Masking Tape

3M, Trimaco IndustriesDont use cheap masking tape for your next paint project.Cheap tape either fails to stick or wont come off afterward,and the paint still bleeds behind the tape.Use a professionalsticks when you want it to yet can be released after painting.Long Mask and BluEdge products can be left in direct sun-light for up to seven days and still can be removed withoutworry about the tape welding to the surface.the edge to seal it and prevent the paint from bleedingunderneath.Also, before applying the tape, clean the sur-face to be protected.Easy Mask Painting Tape from Trimaco Industries Easy Mask is my favorite masking product.This smooth, flatpaper comes in different widths with an effective adhesivenot seep through.

The tape is easy to remove and doesnot leave a sticky residue.

One inexpensive roll will maskseveral rooms.Lightweight spackling compound from UGL or RedToss the old vinyl spackling compounds that sag, run, shrinkand crack.Try the new generation of lightweight spacklingcompounds.

They dry very quickly without shrinking.

Youthe way, do you know where spackling compound comesfrom? Just ask Tom.Krack-Kote from TK Waterproof CoatingsKrack-Kote is a wall and ceiling crack repair material thatremains pliable and permanent for interior plaster and dry-wall crack repair.The product is packaged in a kit with anbeen the choice of professional painters for many years.Because the product remains flexible, it moves as wall or ceil-ing cracks open and close, thus preventing new cracking.HOMETIPSTom Feizas Tips for Operating Your Absolute1 1

Masonry Waterproofer from UGLThe ultimate concrete and concrete block sealer/water-proofer.

Homeowners have relied on DRYLOK for their base-ment walls for years.When applied to a clean masonry sur-face, it seals the pores and stops water from movingthrough the surface.Use on interior or exterior masonrywalls, concrete block, stucco, brick, retaining walls, base-ments and more.DRYLOK Etch from UGL (liquid or powder)Before concrete is painted, the surface must always beetched to a sandpaper texture so paint and sealers willadhere properly.

DRYLOK Etch is perfect for etching concreteuse than muriatic acid, it removes efflorescence (salt-likedeposits) and roughens the surface.DRYLOK Concrete Protector from UGLThis clear masonry sealer safeguards concrete, brick, pavers,driveways, walks, slate, and terrazzo surfaces.

It preventsprovides protection from acids, road salt, household clean-ers, and weathering.

It also serves as a primer/sealer underlatex, alkyd, or polyurethane concrete floor paints or carpet-ing and helps prevent staining on porous surfaces such asfireplace brick and stone hearths.(Tip: seal around the fire-place before soot stains appear!)Rust Reformer from Rust-OleumRust-Oleum has produced metal coatings and paint productsfor many years.This unique product can be applied to rustysurfaces to chemically convert the rust to a protected,paintable surface.

Ideal for thin metal-roof flashings and val-leys, for examplewhere the metal is too thin to sand.Thismilky product turns rust into an inert, flat black finish.Sheetrock Brand Wall and Ceiling Texture Paint fromYes! You can match that fine sand texture on drywall.Youjust need a little practice.

This is a premixed sand-texturedpaint.I like to thin it with water and apply it with a standardroller.With a little practice, you can obtain an excellent sand-textured finish.Wood Finish Stain Marker from MinwaxWhat a great idea: oil-based wood stain in a marker.

Just rubthe correct color stain marker over scratches or other dam-age, and the finish will look like new.Use these to touch upColor Putty from Color Putty CompanyForget applying a wood filler and then staining thefillerthe color and texture never match the natural woodgrain and color.For a perfect match, stain the wood andapply a clear finish.

Fill the nail holes with a colored fillerthat matches the stain and grain color, and then applyyour final clear finish coat.You can even combine severalArm-R-Seal from General Finishescomes in satin, semi-gloss and gloss.A great repair productSynthetic Steel Wool from 3MDont you love steel wool? It rusts, splinters, pokes into yourfingers and catches on wood grain.But there is nothing likevent/refinisher.Or is there? I say toss the steel wool and use3M Synthetic Steel Wool.It wont shred, splinter or rust.

It out-used with water-based and solvent-based products.And itlike real Smart System Twist-Lok Extension Pole from Mr.The key to using a good roller and roller frame is a goodtelescoping painting pole.The pole attaches to the rollerso that you can paint ceilings and walls without a ladder.Mr.

LongArms pole locks in place with the push of a but-ton.This fiberglass pole has removable adapters for rollerRoller screen and Five-gallon pailWhen painting, dont forget the roller screen.An inexpensive($5 or less) screen fits inside a five-gallon pail.

The pail holdsthe paint, and the screen evens paint on the roller skin.Thekey is to work from a standing position, with the pail on thefloor.Dip the roller edge into the paint and even the paint onthe roller with a roller screen.The excess paint remains in thepail.

You need to see one to understand how well it works.Six-In-One tool from Hyde Tools; 11-in-1 Multi-PurposeDecorating Tool from Red DevilI love my multi-purpose tools.There are scrapers, caulkremovers, hammers, roller scrapers, screwdrivers, and more.I always carry one in my pocket when I am painting, scrap-ing and performing general repairs.This versatile tool canset a drywall nail, remove glazing compound and caulk, pryopen a paint can, tighten a screw, and so on.Jomax from Zinsser Co.

Got outdoor mildew problems? We all do.Jomax is a moldand mildew remover concentrate.

You mix it with laundrybeach and water to create a powerful cleaning solution.Spray it on the surface with a garden sprayer, allow it tostucco; brick; and painted concrete or cement block.(I REMOVERS, PROBLEM SOLVERSLift Off #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 from MotsenbockersLift Off is my secret weapon for stain removal.You can pur-chase it as a stain removal kit with special products for stick-ers, labels, food, grease, graffiti, spray paint, latex paint, ink,markers, and the list goes on. and on. Lift Off #3, the onethat tackles ink, markers and graffiti, is the best stain removerMEX All-Purpose Cleaner from UGLTalk about a powerful cleanerMEX is the one

In Wisconsin,to protect our water, phosphate cleaners are bannedso youcant purchase TSP.

Yet MEX is just as effective as TSP andwater.

This multi-purpose cleaner works for walls, floors,the garbage can.It will remove shellac and wax from wood.Great for removing grease and oil from a garage floor.Oops! Multi-Purpose Remover from Homax; Goof Offand Goof Off 2 from ValsparAll of these products will remove old dried latex paint drips.They also remove chewing gum, tar, lipstick, ink, magic mark-er, oil, grease, and many other stains.Oops and Goof Off areflammable and require adequate ventilation during use.Dry sponge A dry sponge is like a soft rubber eraser that absorbs dirtwithout wetting or damaging the surface you are cleaning.It can be used to remove smoke and oil stains.Professionalsoften use dry sponges in fire restoration to remove soot andsmoke stains.

Use it to clean fabric wallpaper, acoustical ceil-ings, lampshades, and rough surfaces.

You will find drysponges in wallpaper or lampshade stores.With a little luckand patience, you can even remove soot from fireplace brickor stone with a dry sponge.from Reckitt BenckiserZud will remove rust stains and mineral deposits.Make apaste from the powder to soak and remove rust stains.Oxalic acid is the secret ingredient that makes this a veryeffective rust-removal product.Liquid Zud is great for clean-Clean Shower from Arm & Hammerharsh fumes.After a shower, just mist the shower walls withsoap scum and hard water deposits that nourish mildew.Give it a try.Its cheap to use!Rust Stain Remover from Whink Products Co.

Youknow this product.It has been sold for over 50 years in littlebrown bottles in the grocery store.It is one of the best prod-ucts for removing rust from colorfast fabrics: clothing, carpet-ing, and more.Dampen the rust stain with water and applya few drops of Rust Stain Remover.Rinse thoroughly andlaunder.Also works on white sinks, toilet bowls and tile.Rust & Iron Stain Remover from Whink Products Co.Another great Whink product.This is the one in the whiteplastic bottle with a red and blue label.

It will remove ruststains from tubs, tile, toilets, sinks, white clothing, dish-washers, washing machines, concrete, boats, RVs, dishes,glassware and more.For hard surfaces, dampen the stainwith clean water, apply the cleaner to a wet cloth, and rublightly.For deep stains, allow the cleaner to remain inplace for five minutes.For large areas like concrete, mixwith water and apply.4-in-1 screwdriver This is my second-favorite tool, after my secret picture-hang-ing tool.The sturdy screwdriver has four bits: two straightand two Phillips.

The bits fit in a sturdy frame that is strongenough to pound with a hammer and use as a pry bar.(Inever do that, of course.

I never use tools improperly.) Youwill find 4-in-1 screwdrivers at most hardware stores, labeledwith the store name, for about $5.Buy one each for theshop, the garage, the car and the kitchen drawer.Caulk Remover from 3Mremoval.Apply a thin coat of this thick, creamy remover andbroken, loosen the caulk with a putty knife.Caulk Removerwall coverings.This product is great for removing caulkaround tubs, tile and tub surrounds.Dripless brand caulking gun from Dripless, Inc.The name says it allafter you let go of the trigger, no caulkwill drip or leak from the tip.This gun also has a seal punchand spout cutter.

Drylock Basement Sealer Price

This really is a no-drip caulk gun.You dontneed to twist and retract the rod; the caulk gun does it auto-matically.You have got to see it to believe it.Gel-Gloss from Granitize

TR IndustriesGel-Gloss is a cleaner and polish for hard surfaces such asacrylic, fiberglass, synthetic marble, and plastic laminate.

Iuse it to refinish plastic laminate countertops.

A little elbowgrease with Gel-Gloss will remove stains, and then applyinga thin coat restores the gloss while masking scratches.Applya light coat just as you would with car wax, allow it to dry,and buff the light powder with a soft cloth.

Great for syn-shiny surface that sheds water, limiting hard water stains, dirtbuildup and mildew.Wall hangers from EZ Hangers; Elite Picture Hangersfrom Anchor Wire Corp.Hanging pictures is my most common and least favorite job.The pictures never seem to be in the right place.Try hanger hooks for a simple, attractive alternative toold-fashioned picture hooks.

E-Z Hangers are very small anddont protrude from the wall; pictures will lie tighter againstthe wall.Remember to use my exclusive secret picture-hang-ing tool to put the picture in the right spot every time.(Youmust attend my seminar to learn about the secret picture-Flat Twine from Nifty ProductsFlat Twine is a cross between clear plastic wrap and rope.Itsticks to itself, not to the stuff, and provides a strong bond.

Itsgreat for tying up loose sticks, boards, rods, pillows, the futoncushion, or anything that is out of control in your household.Squeeeeek No More from ATCI Consumer ProductsFor squeaks in second-story floors or any place where accessto the subfloor and joist is difficult, try Squeeeeek No More.It can be installed from above, directly through carpeting orhardwood flooring.A special bracket positions a notchedscrew above the floor squeak.You drive the screw throughthe carpet; the bracket controls the depth.

The screw headthen snaps off just below the floor covering, and the repairV-Seal Weather Stripping from 3MThis is the best weatherstripping arounda thin vinyl withself-stick adhesive.

You cut it to length with a scissors andfit in narrow spaces.

For instance, it fits between a windowtion of the window.

This product looks like a thin vinyl ver-sion of the old brass weatherstripping found aroundGutter Seal gutter repair tape from Cofair Products,sive.To repair a rain gutter, clean the surface and apply thetape.You can cut the tape with a scissors.The thick adhesivebonds and conforms well to irregular surfaces.The alu-minum foil backing provides a water barrier and protects theadhesive from sun damage.Besides gutters, this tape workson flashing, metal roofs, skylights and other places.Fresh Wave

OMI Industrieswww.Fresh-Wave.comWow.

A great line of odor-neutralizing products made fromall-natural ingredients.The gel, spray, candles and otherproducts really work.No fragrance — they just clear the air.Pull it out with all that hair and yuck.A great way to clean aSpot Shot from WD-40My favorite spot and stain remover for carpet and cloth.Removes pet stains, red wine, oil, coffee, lipstick, greasyfoods and more.Spray it on, blot up the stain, rinse.Gorilla Glue

100% Waterproof Polyurethane GlueBilled as the Toughest Glue on Planet Earth, Gorilla Glue is adream come true for nearly anyone who has ever brokenanything.Gorilla Glue bonds to just about everything.Greatfor indoor and outdoor use, Gorilla Glue is waterproof.It willfoam to about three times its size and has an open workinglight tan color.It can be sanded and stained.

Works onwood, metal, rocks, ceramics, fabric, paper, rubber, glass, andZar Ultra Max Wipe-On Polyurethane FinishA great product for repairing an existing clear finish or creat-ing a new finish.Great for woodwork, furniture, and cabinets.Water cleanup, low odor, quick drying; applied with a rag.the surface.Perfect for us DIY folks.Need more information or a great reference book? Checkout Mr.

Fix-Its books, described below.You can obtain themfrom Amazon.com or directly from Tom Feiza, Mr.Fix-It.The absolute best home repair tips.Hundreds of tips Tomhas gathered in over 15 years of giving how-to advice viaradio and print.

How can you remove that rust stain on thedriveway? Whats the best way to paint dark paneling? Howcan you make your old countertop look like new? Andmuch more. owners manual for your car.Answers all those questionsing your home.

This guide includes service checklists forprevent disasters. and more.Written by Tom Feizawww.amazon.com or through Tom at: www.howtooperateyourhome.com or www.htoyh.com See Toms book How To Operate Your Home Mr.Fix-It Inc. 2009 1

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