Concrete Garage Floor Sealer

Concrete Garage Floor Sealer

Concrete Garage Floor Sealer

The floor is the most easily damaged part of most house garages. Concrete floors that have not been sealed will easily soak up oil and grease, become pitted and also collect road dirt such as tar stains. If you are somebody who likes servicing the family car in their garage, you will no doubt be aware of the damage and staining that the flooring can suffer. Road salt is said to be capable of destroying a concrete base within two years. As well as waterproofing, concrete garage floor sealer will also help sheild the base from road salt damage, reduce cement dusting and make sweeping and cleaning a lot easier.

Many coatings will also act as a primer should you want to brighten up your garage with any one of the different coloured paints that are available. Floor sealers cannot be applied over the top of other coatings.

If your intention is to paint the floor, you need to ensure that the waterproof coating that you buy is suitable for painting. Sealing and painting can help prevent unnecessary damage from occurring while also giving the garage a facelift at the same time.

Whatever type of sealant you choose, it is advisable to apply one that will stand up to the particular climate and weather conditions for the area in which you live.

Before applying the sealer, you need to thoroughly sweep the floor and clear away any debris. If there are stains already on the concrete, use a commercial grade cleanser to remove those marks. Scrub the surface with clean water or alternatively, use a high pressure water cleaner to remove any surface scum. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before applying the waterproof coating.

Concrete garage floor sealer should be applied liberally and evenly so that the entire floor gets the same amount of coating. Work from the back of the garage to the entrance to ensure that you don’t seal yourself into a corner. Keep the door and any windows fully open to allow plenty of ventilation. Any door that leads into your house from the garage must be kept closed in order to prevent noxious fumes from filling your home.

Although the best sealers are acrylic based, there are others that contain chemicals which may be harmful to your skin and emit vapors that are hazardous to inhale. For this reason, and for your own safety, always read the manufacturers instructions and wear protective clothing such as goggles, rubber gloves and a suitable face mask or respirator.

The sealant needs to be given at least 24 hours to dry thoroughly before over painting.

Concrete Garage Floor Sealer

Once the surface has dried out, it will be well protected against dirt, scratches, and other spills that may occur.

Garage floor sealer and paint ought to last for many years depending on how much the area is used. If you just use the garage for storage, the life expectancy of the coating will be a lot longer than a garage where there is a constant spilling of liquids or other items that can stain. In that case, the floor will have to have another coat applied to it, possibly each year.

If you have painted over the concrete sealer, you will only need to reapply a new coat of paint and not the sealer.

There are enough colors to choose from that will not only look good, but will cover up any unsightly stains and damage. Not only that, the floor coating will be shiny and is easy to clean. The flooring will not stain as much as untreated cement and can be cleaned the same as any other floor in your home.

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