Commercial Applications Resurfacing Tech

Commercial Applications Resurfacing Tech

Commercial Applications

Below are the main commercial applications for Resurfacing products. Resurfacing can be applied to many substrates including: concrete, masonry, foam, steel, stucco and aggregate..

Vertical Wall Surfaces

Residential and commercial wall surfaces provide the fastest growing use of resurfacing products today. Structures built with concrete walls offer 10 times the strength and durability of structures built with wood or metal frame construction. A resurfaced exterior coating adds superior strength, flexibility and protection against freeze-thaw cycles, chemicals, stains and surface penetrations. Resurfacing is

installed on exterior wall structures approved and constructed pursuant to all applicable code requirements for that structure.


Driveways represent a big source of aged, damaged or deteriorated concrete. Compared to the cost of removal or repair of worn driveway concrete, resurfacing the surface can be completed at a fraction of the cost and, with convenient installation. Available in virtually any color or design, resurfacing renews, strengthens and enhances the surface to create a stunning new look. Resurfacing products can be used to resurface concrete, masonry and aggregate driveways. Normal installation time is one to two days.

Pool Decks / Pool Interiors

Our special resurfacing products are the only type of surface coating system that can be installed


Sidewalks and other high traffic areas create all kinds of maintenance and performance problems. Resurfacing Products provide a new architectural, load-bearing surface of unusual strength and flexibility. It also repairs damaged, unsafe surfaces and is uniquely slip-resistant. Resurfacing Products are available in nearly any color or design and they create a stunning new look to last indefinitely with minimal maintenance.Resurfacing Products can be used to resurface concrete, masonry, and aggregate sidewalks, as well as steel steps and walk platforms.

Interior Floors

Interior floors surfaced with our resurfacing products are a great alternative to tile, hardwood or carpet, and provide a permanent improvement to the value of any property. Since resurfacing is available in virtually any color or design, it can create an entirely new look for any room. Our resurfacing products are convenient to install and provides a surface with minimal maintenance. Normal installation time is one to two days. Our resurfacing products can be installed over concrete, tile and hardwood.

Garage Floors

Garage floors have frequent problems with oil stains, tire marks and a slippery surface. Homeowners and commercial garage owners appreciate the oil, chemical and slip-resistant surface of our resurfacing products 100% solids epoxy or urethane coatings which provide a stunning new finish. Our resurfacing products are available in many colors and designs and gives any garage floor a completely new look with maintenance-free surface. Normal installation time is two to three days.

Warehouse / Factory Floors

Warehouse / factory floors are usually high-traffic and high-maintenance areas. Resurfacing Produsts easily resurface spalled, deteriorated and even unsafe floors with very little down time, and withstand heavy equipment and constant traffic with minimal maintenance. Resurfacing Produsts are available in nearly any color or design to create a stunning new surface on all warehouse and factory floors.


Kitchen countertop options in today’s marketplace are either too costly or provide low performance. Our resurfacing products provide a tough, durable countertop surface that out-performs others, and yet, is still economical. It also has a stain resistant, hard FDHA food-safe surface that withstands boiling pots and pans as well as tough surface wear, but which is still easily maintained. PermaCrete is available in virtually any color or design and can be installed over laminate, ceramic tile, formica, concrete or butcher block.

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