Can an Epoxy Floor Finish Be Recoated eHow

Can an Epoxy Floor Finish Be Recoated eHow


Remove the old epoxy floor finish. Because epoxy gets really hard, a new coating will not stick to it properly. For the best-looking results for your new epoxy floor finish, it is imperative that you remove the old floor finish with a buffer or sander. This will prepare and rough up your old epoxy floor for the new coating. After the old coating is sanded, vacuum the entire floor, then mop it with a microfiber dust mop.


Apply the finish. Follow the instructions on your selected epoxy floor finish very carefully. Proper blending of the ingredients is one of the most crucial steps in the re-coating process. If the ingredients are not properly mixed before re-coating, it will cause severe lumps on the top surface of the epoxy floor. Because the epoxy finish dries so quickly, it is important that you have measured out the exact amount you will need prior to beginning the project. If you have to leave for a certain amount of time to mix more ingredients, chances are the finish will dry up and cause the floor to appear uneven.

Decorative Flakes

Apply the decorative flakes. Consumers have the choice to apply decorative flakes on the top of the finish for an added appeal to the epoxy floor. If you choose to add these flakes, you must apply an industrial glaze coat on top to encapsulate the flakes, which will in turn make it easier to keep clean, while also adding an extra shine to the floor. It is recommended to use the top coat even if you decide against using decorative flakes.

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