Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2013 New Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2013 New Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2013 New Bathroom Designs

Bathroom tile ideas is a very important decisions for both building new bathroom or upgrading your old bathroom by renovating. Bathrooms are generally very wet areas and so the tiling will often cover most of the room to ensure the area is clean and waterproof. Bathroom tiles need to have the right finish for wet areas and also be the right size for laying around drainage areas. For sizing, different size tiles can have different effects on a room with larger tiles often creating a feeling of greater space. It also important to choose the pattern for bathroom tile ideas. using plain or patterned tiles and designs will be a personal choice in any room, but the type of pattern can often enhance a particular feature of this important and well-used room. If you confused to choose the best bathroom tile ideas for 2013, I will show you this best collection from several source on internet. I hope you will be inspired to adopting when building your bathroom.

Based on the color transformation for 2013, there are several color trend changing in home design too. Here are several color transformation that may affecting to the best color for bathroom tile ideas:

  • Lighter blues and navy increase in importance.
  • Leathery brown becomes more important as a basic.
  • Olive becomes stronger.
  • Purple is still evident.
  • Brights have a singular status for winter.
  • Camel evolves into cappuccino and creamy hues.
  • Yellows become softer and less sporty.
  • Reds are becoming more orange.
  • Traditional winter dark and berry colors are more mid-toned and less blackened.

purple bathroom tile ideas

I think this purple bathroom tile ideas is still be an evident color that may become a favorite color, this picture is a purple bathroom that designed by Franco Pecchioli Ceramica. Purple is one of the most versatile colors, taking you from soft shades of lilac and deep lavender, rich plum, jewel-toned amethyst and vibrant shades bordering on fuchsia. These purple bathroom designs splash it on every conceivable surface – floor and wall tiles, backsplashes, shower and tub enclosures, countertops and ever-fashionable fixtures like these ceramic, hand-crafted and hand-glazed sinks and tubs.

Here are several popular bathroom tile ideas on last year that may still be favorite choice, so you can adapting your bathroom design, especially for the tiles.

light blue bathroom tile ideas with small tile

This is the light blue bathroom tile ideas that combined with small tile, the color is very refreshing and the tile work gives it a modern, cool complexity.

yellow cream bathroom tile ideas

This yellow cream bathroom tiles is a fresh color that may give your bathroom a warmth, You can apply this bathroom tile ideas for your both master bathroom or guest bathroom.

orange modern bathroom tile ideas

While reds are transforming to orange color, I think this modern orange bathroom tile ideas is one of the best choice for 2013.

light cappuccino marble mosaic for bathroom tile ideas

I hope this post will be an useful knowledge to share with your friend or just be one of your source of inspiration in bathroom tile ideas and bathroom design. If you want to see more picture of amazing  bathroom ideas, just click on below related post.

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