Bathroom Floor Covering Bathroom Floor Choices Garage Floor Coatings

Bathroom Floor Covering Bathroom Floor Choices Garage Floor Coatings

Different Bathroom Floor Covering Options

When it comes to bathroom decor you can find various kinds of bathroom floor covering options. For additional protection you can also use different types of rugs or mats near your tub and the sink etc. Given below are some of the bathroom floor options to choose from. Considering that there are over one millions slip/fall accidents in American homes each year, determining the best bathroom floor coverings is very important. Bathroom floors that do not have any slip protection are the cause of many of these tragic accidents.

If you are looking for convenience and style you can consider carpet tiles. The greatest advantage of these tiles is that you can easily change any area that gets dirty. Since they are made of separate tiles which have to be stuck to the floor, you can simply remove that particular tile which is damaged and replace it with a new one. However, you should remember that there are fewer choices of colors and it is quite difficult to clean the flooring .

Another popular choice is using carpets. They are very soft under the feet and prevent you from slipping. Carpets can be purchased for cheaper prices. While using carpets in your bathroom you have to be very careful to clean them regularly because they can get dirty and mucky soon. Also, you may have to change the carpets after using them for some years. You can also use foam-backed carpets which are commonly used in bathrooms these days.

The most popular kind of bathroom floor covering is the ceramic tiles. They are non-porous, resistant to moisture and allergens and can be cleaned effectively. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns and they are very easy to install also. You have to be careful while installing the tiles because they are prone to breakages and another downside is they could be slippery and cold when wet. You can use bathroom rugs over these tiles to enhance the experience but be sure the underside of the rug is non slip .

One of the least popular styles used are the laminates. They have to be used very carefully to ensure durability. Laminate flooring also needs special installation techniques for getting a perfect finish. Most of the time these are not recommended in a bathroom because of the moisture that can be present. The moisture will tend to make the material delaminate. Another covering option which looks very similar to the laminate is vinyl. Vinyl flooring can be installed easily and is waterproof. The floor could be very cold and slippery when wet though.

An expensive option is to use stone flooring which provides an excellent finish to your bathroom. It is extremely durable and is available in various colors, patterns and textures. Since the stone flooring is also cold and slippery you can consider using sealants for overcoming these problems. You can also use bamboo flooring which is available in two types of finishes. The natural type and the carbonated type. The natural bamboo floor is considered to be tougher than the other type. So, whatever be your choice of bathroom floor covering you have make it waterproof to prevent it from all kinds of damages.

The trouble with both stone and tile for bathroom flooring is that they tend to be very slick when wet. Often times cut stone is not as bad as ceramic tiles because the stone usually has a rough texture unless it is highly polished. If you go with one of these bathroom flooring options then be sure to look into applying a clear anti slip coating to help prevent slip and fall accidents.

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