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We are DIYers and are about to start our 2nd project using Ambient Bamboo Flooring.  3 Years ago we did our hallway and one of our bedrooms with the Strand Woven click lock bamboo flooring.  We are very happy with the quality, look and how well the flooring stands up to a fair amount of foot traffic.  We are now waiting on our shipment for an additional 800 sq ft of flooring.  The company has been amazing to work with,  Being DIYers we have lots of questions and they have been so helpful and patient with us.  Their customer service is also outstanding.  I would highly recommend this company and their products.

I also looked at many other brands and options for bamboo flooring before I decided on buying from Ambient.  I looked locally at floor dealers.  They were more expensive and did not have 6 long boards which is what I wanted.  Talked to CaliBamboo and the phone call left me needing to take a shower.  The sales guy seemed like a used car salesman who was working on commission.  Had a scripted answer for every question/concern. Talked to Doug at Ambient and got the complete opposite feeling.  He said he had personally installed many Ambient bamboo floors (who knows if that was true but it felt that way).  He talked me thru many concerns and issues I had read about on the internet about bamboo flooring and basically said call him anytime during installation and he could help me figure out problems.  We exchanged many emails before I decided to purchase.   Then I received an email about a sale (very good pricing), low cost shipping but the product I wanted (3.5 x 6 stranded) was not on sale so he reduced the quoted price for the stranded product to offer some discount and offered $99 shipping so I decided to pull the trigger and order it.

I of course was very concerned about not ordering locally.  What if there are problems with the product?  How do I ship back 3000 lbs of wood? etc.  Fortunately we did not have those problems.

So I received 850 sq ft (36 boxes) of wood on a shipping pallet.  Very difficult to move but the delivery guy was incredible and we got it into my garage.

Then, I learned about nail guns.  15 ga, 18ga etc.  Their website says to use a18 ga  Flex nailer.  It was not until I got ready to install that I learned what a Flex nailer was and talked to Doug about trying to locate one.  My local HD had 18 ga nailers but not the flex type.  I believe you need the flex type because the floor is 5/8, not 3/4 standard HW floor thickness.  Anyway, Ambient has a data base of rental places that has the Flex nailers.   The nearest place to my house actually did not have one so I had to drive an hour each way to rent the correct nailer.  It turns out that Doug could have rented and shipped me a nailer from their office.  So, save yourself some time and just rent from Ambient and have them ship it to you.

Anyway, the wood is beautiful.  Very uniform and consistent.  Not like some reviews of other products I had read about (lumber liquidators?).  Extremely high quality.  out of 36 boxes I had 2 boards that I could not use all of (had to cut around a blemish on each board).  The stuff installed very fast and once we got the nail gun settings correct, everything went pretty quickly.

The wood was in the room for 2 weeks before we installed it (no AC running at that time).  It was very hot and humid the week we installed.   we had the AC running the entire time of install.  The floor pops and crackles when I walk on it when the air is humid now.  When the air is dry the floor makes no noise.  Will have to see how it survives the winter.  I am concerned about the floor drying out and gaps forming or worse case the floor actually popping nails.  Will try to post again in 10 months.  If you read the websites, they basically say to keep any HW floor in a very close temp range (maybe 65-75 deg or something like that).  Unlikely my floor will be in that range all the time.

Anyway, if you are considering bamboo, call ambient.  Talk to them about your concerns and they can help you think thru the project before you start.

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