30 Creative Bathroom Gadgets For You.

30 Creative Bathroom Gadgets For You.

A collection of creative bathroom gadgets designed to make things easy.

Mat Walk Bathroom Mat. In this mat, slippers are integrated into the mat itself that allows you to walk comfortably without slipping on dirty or wet floors. Apart from this Mat Walk can be seen as a new way of wiping the bathroom floor.

Toilet Seat Scale. A toilet seat with a built-in digital scale.

Drain Stopper. ‘A classic rubber drain plug with a quirky twist. Assorted playful colors, clear drum packaging, corrugated counter display.’

Goatee Shaver. This grooming tool is sure to give you the perfect goatee every time you shave.

Shower Curtain. With this, one of the world’s most famous movie scenes can be reenacted in your bathroom. For a hilarious prank on the guests, all you need to do is put it in the guest bathroom.

Slip No More. ‘To ensure a sure-footed shower, peel these bananas and apply them to the floor of your bathtub or shower stall.’

Mirror Swipe. ‘Is your bathroom mirror steamed up again? Just give it a Swipe.’

Shower Sticker. Made from a rubbery material that’ll stick to any surface; all you need to do is just slip your shower hose through and move it anywhere you like.

Electric Bath Duck. ‘Please make sure you have made the right decision.’

Face. Towel. It ends any possible confusion about which side to use.

Waterproof Notepads. If you are among those who get most of your creative ideas in the shower and you had enough using washable crayons, then perhaps these may be just right for you: waterproof notepads — Droodle and Aqua Notes.

Handsoap. With these ones you can wash your hands with hands.

Toothpaste Caps. Getting the kids to brush their teeth everyday can be a bit of a chore, but there is a simple and easy solution to it — Toothpaste Heads/Caps.

Toilet Puter. Comes complete with putting green, 2 balls, golfclub, cup with flag, and occupied sign.

Bathroom Cleaning Robot. Creation of designer Anna Karmazina, this innovative techie assistant cleans and tidies up your bathrooms automatically. All you need to do is connect it to a water tap and it starts to clean showers, bathtubs, floors or walls; the suction pads on the bottom allow it to climb up the wall too.

Shower Light. It can be installed to any standard shower pipe in matter of minutes. Blue light changes to red when the water heats up.

Underwater Light Show. Perfect for a pool or spa you’d like to jazz up for a party. This waterproof underwater light show creates beautiful light display perfect for a relaxing night or to get the party started.

30 Creative Bathroom Gadgets For You.

Vado Shower Head. ‘The Sculpture shower heads let you twist, twirl, turn and manipulate them into any desired position.’

Toilet MP3. Japanese toilets are quite special, everything is raised automatically, the seat is heated. and now we have an MP3 player. Don’t worry it isn’t integrated into the seat but rather in the control system/computer of the toilet that is situated on the wall.

Atech’s Toilet Paper Dispenser/iPod Dock. It’s a toilet paper dispenser/iPod dock, that supports all iPod models that have a dock connector and an integrated USB for the shuffle.

Shower Mic. For those who like singing during their shower.

WCnotes. It’s a toilet roll holder + pen, now you can write or draw that note, sketches, doodle. before they disappear.

Toothpaste Squeezer. It winds and compresses the tube evenly, allowing maximum usage of each tube, available in four different colors.

Musical Shower. With this musical shower one can listen to tunes in the shower.

Magnet Soap Holder. Just press the supplied magnet into your soap bar and your soap is now beautifully and neatly stored when not in use.

Soap Dispenser. it comes with a stainless steel support and disposable clear plastic container.

Robot Toothbrush Holder. This cute robot’s hands can hold your tooth brushes and razors.

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