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Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tiles vs. Porcelain Tiles from

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ceramic-tile-ceramic-tiles-vs-porcelain-tiles-from_21 Ceramic Tile Ceramic tile is affordable, easy to install, easy to maintain, and comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes so its a good option for many environments. Ceramic tile should not be used for exterior projects..
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Floor Care Training Tips

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Q. Do plastic chair leg tips prevent scratches in the floor finish? A. Plastic chair glides under heavy weight can leave semi-permanent scratches in the floor finish. As you can imagine, felt tabs have a short life. Two different manufacturers..
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DIY How to Install Groutable Vinyl Floor Tile — SAS Interiors

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bathroom-floor_41 DIY: How to Install Groutable Vinyl Floor Tile January 9, 2012 Did you know that you can grout peel-and-stick vinyl tiles to lookJUST LIKE ceramic tile? You CAN and heres how One of the presents for my parents for Christmas..
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SealBoss Cartridge System Polyurea, Epoxy, Polyurethane — Crack, Spall, Joint Repair, Joint Filler

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QuickFix Joint Repair Application QuickFix Joint Filler Application SealBoss QuickFix Joint Fillers are chemical product formulations based on the latest polyurethane and polyurea technologies. These products offer new properties in terms of application speed, low temperature cure, durability and feasibility...
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Patio Tiles — Landscaping Network

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patio-tiles-landscaping-network_41 Using tile to remodel an old patio or create a new one from scratch Patios for homes in the Mediterranean style will always be in style with the traditional 12×12 paver, but these by ARTO Brick are high fired and..
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Cleaning tile floors Cleaning tile grout — Cleaning tile floors

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cleaning-porcelain-floor-tiles_61 Cleaning tile floors There are lots of different kinds of tile floors, the most common ones are ceramic, vinyl and linoleum. Cleaning these kinds of tile floors is really quite easy, although different types of products are recommended of these..
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How To Make A Custom Rug Out of Fabric — In My Own Style

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how-to-make-a-custom-rug-out-of-fabric-in-my-own_41 How To Make A Custom Rug Out of Fabric I have a very easy and inexpensive trash to treasure transformation for you today.  I found a scrap of vinyl flooring from one of the bathrooms in my house that was discolored. ..
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Free Fit Flooring — Floating Vinyl plank with no glue!!

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12-top-bamboo-flooring-pros-and-cons-remodel-by_71 Free Fit Floors: The latest in Luxury Vinyl Tile. This is an incredible concept! I have been in this trade for 28 years and this is the most innovative floor I have ever seen! Free Fit, a new simple loose..
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Concrete News Cost and Appearance Advantages of Bare Concrete Floors Treated with L&M Seal Hard or

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wood-foundation-basics-and-techniques-the-family_51 PRODUCTS FOR CONCRETE Costing a typical vinyl floor covering Let’s compare some actual costs and projections based on estimates provided by the National Terrazzo Institute and recent issues of Concrete Construction magazine. The average initial cost of vinyl composition tile..
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Self Stick Vinyl Floor Tile Is A Perfect Do It Yourself Floor Tile Installation

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self-stick-vinyl-floor-tile-is-a-perfect-do-it_31 Installing Your Self Stick Vinyl Floor Tile In 4 Easy Steps Tiling with self stick vinyl floor tile is a bit different than installing floor tiles where you apply the tile adhesive, The self stick ones have the tile adhesive..
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