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choose-hardwood-floor-color-and-cabinets-cabinet_3 CHOOSE HARDWOOD FLOOR COLOR AND CABINETS 02. March 2013 Comments Off Categories: Photo How to Choose Wood Floors With Cherry Kitchen Cabinets | Wood Floor Color Advice. I have whitewashed cabinets, pale yellow have hardwood floor in the kitchen...
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Certified Sustainable Wood, Lumber and Bamboo Website Links Industrial Designers Society of America

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Certified Sustainable Wood, Lumber and Bamboo Website Links Certified Sustainable Wood, Lumber and Bamboo Sources Wood is an ecologically complex material; it is a renewable resource yet the improper cultivation and harvesting of it can devastate forest habitats and forest..
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Engineered Bamboo Flooring

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engineered-bamboo-flooring_2 Engineered Bamboo Flooring Learn all about bamboo flooring, one of the most eco friendly flooring options on the market And why you should consider using it Engineered Bamboo Flooring: Engineered Bamboo Flooring has recently emerged as one of the most..
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Laying Hardwood Floors — Staple down Technique

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choose-the-right-subfloor-system_9 Staple down Technique One of the newest methods of laying hardwood floors, the staple down technique, is gaining more and more ground on the interior design market due to the ease with which it can be installed and the fast..
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Refinishing FAQs

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flooring-faqs_9 1. Preparing the floor. 2. Sanding the floor. 3. Coating the floor. 4. The curing process. 1. PREPARING THE HARDWOOD FLOORS Before sanding, all nails are removed or set below the floor surface. Any repairs that may be necessary are..
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8 Ways to Fix your Squeaky Hardwood Floor Blog HGTV Canada

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Guest Blogger Abigail Pugh is a Toronto-based writer, mother and interior-style devotee. If she happens not to be in the middle of a major renovation, she contents herself with rearranging instead. 8 Ways to Fix your Squeaky Hardwood Floor Posted..
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Pros And Cons Of Maple Hardwood Flooring — Gowdy Flooring

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pros-and-cons-of-maple-hardwood-flooring-gowdy_5 Pros And Cons Of Maple Hardwood Flooring 08/25/2014 Exotic hardwood floors are becoming a staple in recent home improvement projects. People are taken with their beauty, durability, and what seems like a low level of necessary maintenance. To get a..
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Installing Hardwood Floor Moldings & Trim

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installing-hardwood-floor-moldings-trim_5 Installing Moldings & Trim For a professional, finished look to your floor, youll need to consider moldings, trims, and transitional pieces. The purpose of molding is to cover edges, camouflage expansion spaces, and bridge surfaces where wood ends and other..
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Aladdin Carpet & Floors — Sand & Refinishing

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aladdin-carpet-floors-sand-refinishing_1 Sand & Refinishing Description Our expert technicians can refinish your hardwood floor to any stain color that you wish. We offer both oil or water based urethane. Sanding and Refinishing FAQs – Answers from the experts at Aladdin Carpets and..
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Custom Hardwood Floors, Custom Made Hardwood Floor Design

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custom-hardwood-floors-custom-made-hardwood-floor_3 Custom Hardwood Floors Custom hardwood floors, what is custom about hardwood floors? What is considered custom? Is it a border? No, anyone can purchase borders, premade designs and just install them — easy. Is it a medallion? No, these are..
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