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What types of hardwood floors are best for dogs

POSTED BY   /  23 Октябрь, 2015  

bamboo-flooring-westchester-ny_21 What types of hardwood floors are best for dogs? July 21, 2012 06:00 PM One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: «What types of hardwood flooring are best for dogs? (or pets) Many of my customers have..
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Detailed Surface Introduction of Laminate Flooring Laminate Flooring Manufacturers Blog

POSTED BY   /  17 Октябрь, 2015  

acclimation-of-wood-block-flooring_91 Detailed Surface Introduction of Laminate Flooring With the innovation of manufacturing technique, more and more laminate flooring surfaces are produced by laminate flooring suppliers. But among so many choices, do you really know which surface type you are looking for? Today..
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Types of Wood Floors

POSTED BY   /  15 Октябрь, 2015  

types-of-wood-floors_151 Start by asking yourself some simple questions: What type of subfloor will the floor be installed over? This will mandate the thickness and type of floor, glue down, nail down, or floating; each product and manufacturer specify differently. Some application..
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Rug Pads that Wont Stain Your Hardwood Floors — Rug Pad USA — Blog

POSTED BY   /  9 Октябрь, 2015  

rug-pads-that-wont-stain-your-hardwood-floors-rug_21 Rug Pads that Wont Stain Hardwood Floors Selecting quality materials to place beneath your rug will benefit your floors and support your area rug. If you desire a lasting protective system for your floors and not a quick-fix, it is..
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Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Look Cheap — Just Around the Corner Flooring

POSTED BY   /  8 Октябрь, 2015  

natural-instincts-flooring-trends-for-2014-builder_11 Luxury Vinyl Tile Style Options Consumers are no longer limited to the bland selections of their parents. The product come in just about any flooring material you care to match, including wood, bamboo, marble, stone, ceramic tile, metal flooring or..
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How to Choose Best Hardwood Floor for Dogs Coswick Hardwood Floors

POSTED BY   /  23 Сентябрь, 2015  

marmoleum-click-2-the-elegant-floating-floor-eco_1 How to Choose Best Hardwood Floor for Dogs Nearly 60% of Americans own dogs, and almost a third of all dog owner have 2 or more four-legged friends. With these numbers in mind, it’s easy to understand why there is..
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Replacing Carpet with Hardwood Floors Our Home from Scratch

POSTED BY   /  22 Сентябрь, 2015  

faq-hardwood-flooring-hub_4 Replacing Carpet with Hardwood Floors Posted by John on January 3rd, 2012 Ahhhhh.  Feels good to finally write that title.  This project has been on my wish list for this house since we moved in.  Its been apart of our..
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Environmentally friendly Wicanders Cork Oak Blog

POSTED BY   /  20 Сентябрь, 2015  

eco-friendly-niemanns-american-flooring_3 Wicanders Cork Oak Blog How Green is Green When Specifying Flooring? Consumers across the nation are “going green.”  They are making environmentally friendly choices and buying green products.  When companies claim that their products are green, it is important to..
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How to Fix a Squeaky Hardwood Floor — Stairs

POSTED BY   /  19 Сентябрь, 2015  

Fixing a Squeaky Stair The squeak and creak of a stair in a scary movie or ghost story may add to the mood, but when it comes to a squeaky stair in your own home, all it adds is annoyance..
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Heppner Hardwoods, Inc. Hardwood Flooring

POSTED BY   /  14 Сентябрь, 2015  

heppner-hardwoods-inc-hardwood-flooring_1 Hardwood Flooring Engineered Hardwood Flooring Engineered flooring is comprised of two components; the lamella (wear layer/veneer) and the plywood substrate.  We hand select only the best decorative boards for re-sawing into veneers that will be hot glued to the plywood. The gluing of..
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