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How to select the right flooring for your home

POSTED BY   /  5 Октябрь, 2015  

floor-hardwood-selecting-wood-flooring_21 How to select the right flooring for your home Choosing the right kind of flooring for your home can be difficult because there are a large number of options. Your choice is going to depend on the room the flooring..
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Flooring — Choose Hardwood and Laminate Floors from Wood Flooring Contractors

POSTED BY   /  12 Август, 2015  

flooring-choose-hardwood-and-laminate-floors-from_1 The Many Popular Floor Upgrades to Choose From There is a large variety of flooring options available for you to select from, and the types and designs can be overwhelming when considering a new floor. When looking at flooring options,..
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Floors of Stone Beautiful natural stone flooring. Page 2

POSTED BY   /  14 Июль, 2015  

floors-of-stone-beautiful-natural-stone-flooring_7 Starecase I recently returned from a wonderful motorcycle tour of France we stayed at twelve different places in fourteen nights and I found that I spent a lot of my time simply staring at my new surroundings, soaking up the..
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Avas Painted Floors Perfectly Imperfect™ Blog

POSTED BY   /  28 Июнь, 2015  

Avas Painted Floors September 10, 2012 Well, way back when in the middle ages, I decided to make over Avas room. This was BEFORE we took her crib down, and the plan was to transition straight into a big-girl room...
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Subfloor Preparation for Laminate Flooring NALFA News & Trends

POSTED BY   /  4 Июнь, 2015  

how-to-test-for-moisture-in-concrete-before-a_1 Subfloor Preparation for Laminate Flooring by Anthony Pallandro, NALFA Certified Installer Laminate flooring is designed to be a floating floor that may be installed over virtually any type of sub floor. And by floating, we mean that it doesnt need..
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Inventors: Peter Barretto (Gormley, CA) Abstract: Provided is a composite bonded leather material. The material may be used as flooring, for wall applications or for ceiling applications. A leather layer is bonded to a substrate layer using adhesive. The substrate..
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Hardwood Floors with Cracks, Gaps, Creaking and Squeaking

POSTED BY   /  25 Май, 2015  

how-to-fix-floor-squeaks-hometips_3 By Mark Brown — Ray Darrah Cali-Floor Technical Services 916-760-8030 Phone calls and emails received from homeowners with hardwood flooring problems described as cracking, gapping and crackling/squeaking have become a daily occurrence with the increase in hardwood popularity. The last..
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Filling Gaps In Floorboards Stopping draughts from Floorboards How to Seal Floorboards DIY Doctor

POSTED BY   /  22 Апрель, 2015  

filling-gaps-in-floorboards-stopping-draughts-from_1 How to Filling Gaps in Floorboards and Seal Floorboards Filling or sealing gaps in floorboards is a very popular topic on Diydoctor and although there are several ways to do this it must always be remembered that, unless you are..
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How To Install Ceramic Floor Tiles

POSTED BY   /  12 Апрель, 2015  

how-to-install-ceramic-floor-tiles_6 How To Install Ceramic Floor Tiles Installing ceramic floor tiles can really change the look of a room. but you need to take your time so as to install them nice and flat and true to each other or it..
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The Carpet Buyers Handbook — Carpet Tile

POSTED BY   /  24 Март, 2015  

the-carpet-buyers-handbook-carpet-tile_4 Carpet Tile By Michael Hilton Carpet Tile, also called modular tile or carpet squares, has traditionally been a commercial floor tile installation, but a number of residential carpet tile manufacturers have begun to market products aimed at the consumer. The..
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