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Basement Flooring Products in Connecticut and New York Basement Floor Tile Installation in Yonkers

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basement-floor-tiles-basement-tile-flooring_81 Basement Flooring Products in Connecticut and Westchester County, NY Five Different Ways To Upgrade Basement Floors Family room. Check out the waterproof flooring of this finished family room, it’s one of five available current options. At Connecticut Basement Systems, we’re..
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Columbus Laminate Flooring Laminate flooring store Columbus

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columbus-laminate-flooring-laminate-flooring-store_21 Columbus Ohio Laminate Flooring You want the look…you don’t have the time! Laminate is experiencing the largest growth in the floor covering industry today. The beauty of wood or stone and the ease of vinyl, make it the perfect choice..
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- Kitchener waterloo Concrete repair how to waterproof dampproof stop Crack

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Water Problems-Wet Basement-Water coming up from the Floor -How to fix a Wet Basement Floor With a wet basement-Hydraulic-hydrostatic pressure is a common problem, that is a result of a collapsed or plugged weeping tile or no tile at all...
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Laying Ceramic Floor Tiles — DIY Extra

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diy-lay-laminate-flooringdiy-lay-laminate-flooring_61 Laying Ceramic Floor Tiles DiyEx | February 21, 2013 Ceramic floor tiles can really add appeal to a room. But as well as aesthetic value, ceramic tiles also have the added bonus of being hardwearing, easy to clean and cool..
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Floor Radiant Heat Ask the Builder

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make-sure-your-subfloor-is-level-before-you_101 Floor Radiant Heat DEAR TIM: My husband and I were out for a walk and saw the strangest thing. A new house under construction had parallel loops of plastic piping in the basement. We asked a contractor who was there..
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Top 8 Best Ways To Clean Wood Floors

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top-8-best-ways-to-clean-wood-floors_41 New Floor Or Newly Refinished Floor Maintainence В  First, I’m going to refer to water based cleaners. These are the safest and easiest cleaners to use on a well finished floor.В  Well finished means the finish must be either 3..
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Cleaning Laminate Floors Swiftlock Flooring

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five-tips-to-clean-laminate-floors_141 Cleaning laminate floors One of the reasons swift lock flooring and other laminate floors are so popular is the low level of maintenance needed compared to hardwood floors. But you will have to clean the laminate floor regularly to keep..
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Rubber Floor Tiles

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rubber-floor-tiles_11 Rubber Floor Tiles Rubber Flooring Tiles: The Trendier and Safer Choice Today, rubber flooring tiles have become quite popular among homeowners and business owners alike, before the only industry that used this kind of flooring were industrial plants and some..
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Selection FAQ — Selection of Tile and Stone — CTaSC

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ceramic-tile-faq-ceramic-tile-ctasc_51 CTaSC Common Questions If the breaking strength of a tile is only 250 pounds, will it support my weight? — Perhaps you can advise me regarding tile strength. I recently have been confined to a wheelchair and need to make..
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Basic setps for the installation of tongue and groove flooring

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basic-setps-for-the-installation-of-tongue-and_21 VIDEO: Basic Steps for the Installation of Tongue and Groove Flooring There are many types of flooring available in today’s market place. It’s important to choose both the correct Powernailer, and the correct cleat size for the type of flooring..
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