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Installing Bamboo Flooring

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how-to-install-bamboo-wood-flooring_91 Installing Bamboo Flooring When installing bamboo flooring, critical steps should be carried out in the preparation stages before you actually install the floor. Preparation for Installing Bamboo Flooring Preparation of the sub-floor is an important factor when installing bamboo flooring...
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Will bamboo flooring splinter under a wheelchair — Green Home Guide by USGBC

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can-a-cork-floor-in-the-basement-hold-up-if-there_41 Will bamboo flooring splinter under a wheelchair? Asked by G. Grimbley, Fort Worth, TX Answer Berkeley, CA November 6, 2007 Once a bamboo floor is installed and properly sealed, it should not be prone to splintering . However, bamboo that..
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Go Green with Bamboo Flooring

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go-green-with-bamboo-flooring_21 Go Green with Bamboo Flooring Share: May 28, 2008 07:10 PM Recently bamboo flooring has become one of the most popular new flooring styles, and it’s easy to see why. Here are the top ten benefits of bamboo flooring: 1...
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Natural Building Resources Techniques — Part Three

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natural-building-resources-techniques-part-three_21 Natural Building Techniques Bibliography Adobe Bricks: Sun-Dried Mud Bricks made out of sun-dried mud are called adobes, and they are sealed together with mud mortar to build structures with thick walls. The use of adobe bricks dates back to the..
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How to replace old bathroom floor tiles — The Washington Post

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dirty-flooring-cleaning-tips-home-interior-tips_51 How to: replace old bathroom floor tiles A reader’s bathroom tiles. (Reader photo) Q: My home has 2½ baths. All three areas have cement floors with tiles laid in 1937, when the house was built. I want an update, but..
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Warner Bamboo and Wood Floors

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warner-bamboo-and-wood-floors_31 F.A.Q’s How long should I allow the Bamboo Floors to acclimate prior to installation? What are acceptable temperture and humidity levels for proper installation? What is the acceptable difference in moisture content between the Bamboo Floor and the Sub-Floor? Who..
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Affordability, options the big draw

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affordability-options-the-big-draw_11 The homes in Aquilini Development’s Tsawwassen Shores are creating considerable interest The homes at Tsawwassen Shores can be individualized to suit the buyer. There are eight different exterior colour schemes are on offer. Photograph by: Tyler Garnham. PNG When all..
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How to Install Bathroom Tile

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bathroom-flooring-ideas-flooring-installation_51 How to Install Bathroom Tile November 27th, 2009 When figuring out how to install bathroom tile, the color and texture is important to consider because its such a major component of any bathroom. But for the tile to be..
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Leather now a durable, stylish flooring option — Post and Courier

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leather-now-a-durable-stylish-flooring-option-post_21 Leather now a durable, stylish flooring option The Bordeaux-colored leather floor creates a distinct, sensual mood in this modern bedroom/sitting room. /King Features Syndicate Q I’m beginning to panic. We are renovating our upstairs bedrooms and have always had wall-to-wall..
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Antique Floor Tiles, French Floor Tiles, Handmade French Tiles, Ceramic Encaustic Tiles, Ceramic

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victorian-and-edwardian-geometric-and-encaustic_41 The Antique Floor Company are vendors of beautifully restored antique ceramic floor tiles and carreaux de ciments floor tiles. As specialists in the reclamation and restoration of antique floor tiles, particularly French ceramic encaustic floor tiles and French Carreaux de..
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