What is stone flooring — The Flooring Outlet

What is stone flooring - The Flooring Outlet

What is stone flooring?

What is stone flooring?

Stone flooring adds significant value to your home because of its quality, elegance and formal appearance. At the same time, it can create a warm, cozy atmosphere in places like bedrooms and dens. But is stone flooring the best option in every situation? Having the right information is all it takes to make a good decision regarding the purchase of stone flooring for your home. Stone flooring is made from real stone that is quarried from solid rock masses deep into the earth. It is gathered and sent to flooring manufacturers that will cut the stone into slabs and then form them into stone tiles. It is the one of the strongest and most durable flooring materials available.

Where can I install stone flooring in my home?

Some of the best places to put down stone flooring is in areas that require a water-resistant material, like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and outdoor patios. A few problems do exist with the use of stone flooring in the kitchen, however. One problem is that stone flooring is very sensitive to acids like lemon juice and vinegar. Spills of this nature can cause damage to the floor, so it is important to use a high quality sealer and to select a stone flooring type that is especially resistant to acid damage. Another problem with stone flooring is that when it gets wet, it can be very slippery. Adding a slip-resistant sealer or purchasing a stone flooring type that is textured will help alleviate this problem.

Is stone flooring ok for my childrens room?

Living rooms and bedrooms decorated with stone flooring create a certain element of warmth and at the same time add elegance and formality if this is desired. The use of Area Rugs bring the air to a more casual level and help to cushion the hardness of stone flooring. The only room where stone flooring is not recommended is a child’s bedroom or playroom. This is because, stone flooring is very hard and if a child were to slip and fall, they could be injured. Elderly members of the family might share the same concern, since they tend to be a little unstable when walking anyway.

Is stone flooring ok for my pets?

Stone flooring types.

What is stone flooring - The Flooring Outlet

When you shop for stone flooring, you will notice that there are several stone types to choose from. Types include, slate, sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx, flagstone and manufactured stone. Each of these types come with their own range of colors. Stone floor finishes include polished, honed, acid-washed, saw-cut refined, flamed, split-faced, tumbled and brushed. Slate is a stone type made up of slate and quartz and is highly water and stain resistant. It does, however, have a tendency to flake if not sealed well. Sandstone is a type of quartz stone that has a textured surface. Marble is famous for its beautiful veined appearance. Its main problem is its susceptibility to scratches and sensitivity to acid. Granite is made up of a variety of minerals and quartz and is one of the hardest stone available. It is very scratch resistant. Limestone is mostly calcite which includes shells and coral and is sensitive to acid. Travertine flooring will be unique in every home it is placed, because no two stones are alike. It has a rugged texture of pits, waves and ridges. It is slippery when wet and is sensitive to acid. Onyx is a quartz stone that is available in rainbow colors. It is mostly used in formal settings. Flagstone is commonly used in walkways and patios and is a thinly cut quartz stone that stands up to the weather. Manufactured stone uses chips of stone in an epoxy resin or cement base. It is less expensive than natural stone.

Stone Flooring finishes

Certain stones will have a polished finish that makes them shiny and reflective. Other stones will have a matte finish called honed that is easy to maintain and resists scratching. Still others will have the rustic look of acid-washed finish. If a stone is saw-cut refined, it goes through a process to remove the saw cuts that were made when the stone was cut. Flamed is a process done to stone that makes it slip resistant by heating the stone to a very high temperature and then flash cooling it, giving it a rough texture. Split-faced is a uneven, coarse finish and brush finish possesses a slightly worn appearance. The tumbled finish is acquired in a very interesting way. The stone is actually tumbled in a machine similarly to the way clothes are tumbled in a dryer. This process rounds the edges of the stones and gives the stone a pitted and smooth surface.

Do I need an underlayment for stone flooring?

Stone Flooring prices.

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