Undertile Heating Mat Kit

Undertile Heating Mat Kit

Undertile Heating Mat Kit

Simple installation

Floorheatpro undertile mat heating systems are durable and suitable for use by both the professional installer and DIY enthusiast. The mat employs a heating element design that requires only one power lead to connect to the thermostat / electrical supply.

Approved by Installers

User friendly installation instructions are supplied to ensure the installer has the information required to complete a satisfactory installation compliant with the Regulations. The cold lead power connection is 100% steel armoured for safety and 3 (three) metres long. The length of connection lead is important as it helps the installer, adding extra design flexibility when laying the mat out on the floor, and provides enough connection lead to reach the electrical supply position / thermostat. Be careful and avoid buying a mat with shorter connection leads ( 2m or 2.5m) and without steel armouring. Always check before purchasing.

Low profile, uniform spacing & evenly distributed heat

Heating elements are thin to provide a low profile in the floor. Mats carry the heating elements fixed onto a strong fibreglass mesh with a uniform spacing to give evenly distributed heat. The mats are 500mm wide and most installations can be completed in a short time due to the ease of rolling out the matting side by side.

Large selection of sizes

Mats are available in outputs of 150 or 200 watts per square metre and a large range of sizes allows you to select the ideal underfloor heating system whatever your room dimensions.

Choice & flexibility to suit your installation requirements

Complete kits are available in outputs of 150 or 200 watts per square metre, including QUICKHEAT™ dual purpose thermal paint, application roller, fixing tape, FLOORTOUCH touchscreen thermostat (white or silver), floor sensor & plastic conduit, or our heating mats can be purchased separately. For example, you may wish to use an alternative type of thermostat such as the WarmUp 3iE. which is OK because our heating mats are compatible for use with all underfloor heating thermostats

Heating cable safety

The underfloor heating cable is a dual-conductor and 100% earth shielded for maximum electrical and mechanical protection. The undertile mat system is designed to be installed with the heating elements on the underside of the fibreglass mesh. This method is approved by professional installers. The heating elements are shielded by the mesh from sharp trowels and possible damage.

Flouropolymer (PTFE) insulated

All our heating elements are flouropolymer insulated to provide durability and stability at working temperatures.

Design & installation flexibility

You can combine more than one mat to cover the floor area available. Each mat is supplied with a 3 (three) metres long armoured cold connection lead, and with multiple circuits the lead wires are connected electrically in parallel.

Undertile mats can be cut and turned with ease to run in strips side by side. When it is required to run some of the element into a recess, awkward area or simply bridge a gap, the cable can be easily removed from the backing mesh and fixed to the floor with fixing tape provided. Depending on the amount of cable being removed, a portion of the mesh can be completely cut away and discarded.

Tile and stone floors

200w/m² underfloor heating mats offer a quicker warm up time than 150w/m² and are suitable for use beneath tile and stone coverings where they can provide primary heating in most rooms including conservatories. When using 200w/m² mats as a primary heat source on a concrete subfloor it is recommended to apply a 6mm layer of Floorheatpro Premium XPS insulation board prior to installing the heating mat – Blue Tip notes refer. When laying 200w/m² directly onto a wooden base a 2-3mm covering of tile adhesive should be used to cover the base first. Alternatively, you can apply Floorheatpro Premium XPS insulation board to a rigid reinforced wooden floor.

Carpet, wooden floors and vinyl

Undertile Heating Mat Kit

150w/m² underfloor heating mats are also suitable to provide floor warming beneath tile and stone floors. In addition, the 150w/m² mat can be used beneath carpet, engineered wooden floors and vinyl when used in conjunction with latex self-levelling compound. A 15mm layer of latex self levelling compound must cover the 150w/m² mat when it is used for heating under carpet, engineered wood and vinyl.

Improving the carbon footprint — Blue Tip Notes refer

Both the 200 or 150w/m² underfloor heating mats are suitable for use with Floorheatpro Premium XPS 6mm thick insulation boards. It is not a mandatory requirement, but when installed directly beneath the heating and tiled floor, 6mm thick Premium XPS insulation board reduces heat up time, increases system efficiency and saves running costs.

Approvals & Guarantee on mats and thermostats

Floorheatpro systems are CE approved and come with a lifetime warranty on both the heating systems and thermostats.

All our heating cables meet the stringent quality standards specified by major markets like the United Kingdom, EU and North America. UL approval in the USA and Certified by Intertek SEMKO against IEC / EN 60335 standards

By adhering to the requirements of various national and international laws, and certification by the best certification bodies in the world, we deliver products to the highest standards.

Floorheatpro™ lifetime warranty.

Installations carried out by unqualified personnel or faults caused by incorrect design by others / misuse / damage caused by others / damage in transit / incorrect installation and any other subsequent damage that may occur as a result, are not covered by our lifetime guarantee.

In addition, full testing and commissioning sheets must be completed for each installation in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations and to meet the requirements of the Lifetime Guarantee

Replacement will be fully chargeable if the damage is because of any of the above reasons.

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