Top 4 Most Unique Flooring Ideas To Install In Your Bathroom

Top 4 Most Unique Flooring Ideas To Install In Your Bathroom

Top 4 Most Unique Flooring Ideas To Install In Your Bathroom

by Editor on May 31, 2013

A bathroom can be thought of as a place to pamper yourself, unwind and relax at the end of a long day. Of course if the bathroom looks and feels like a spa, you won’t have to actually spend money to go to one. You don’t necessarily have to give your bathroom an entire makeover to give it a spa look.

Sometimes just simply changing the floor is all it takes along with a few other minor details. Here are some unique flooring ideas to consider.


Recently, concrete floors have gained tremendous popularity. Your options with concrete floors are endless and fit just about any style. You can stain and polish concrete with limitless colors and designs and you can even apply texture and various patterns to it to make it more unique and personal. Concrete is very easy to maintain and resistant to moisture.

However, you will need to seal it occasionally. And if you ever get tired of it and want to do something else, you have the option of tiling directly over it.

Pebble Stones

Pebble stones are a great way to truly experience the feeling of being in a spa. However some people are hesitant to buy them as they claim that they don’t feel comfortable on their feet. Before purchasing them, lay down a sample on the floor and stand on it with your bare feet to see how it really feels and whether it is something you would consider walking on.

If you don’t like the feel on your feet then you might consider using the pebbles as a border accent in conjunction with another tile. Keep in mind that some of the pebble stones come in a flatter finish for a bit more comfort on your feet.


More and more things are beginning to be made of cork. In fact, cork is even being installed in homes and on the walls of rooms as people are more focused on building green, and it is considered healthy for your homes environment. Although there has been much controversy as to whether cork is appropriate for a bathroom floor, you may be wondering how the cork would react to moisture.

Cork has a tendency to resist moisture and therefore would be considered mold resistant. It is very warm to walk on and has great sound insulation. Although you may have to apply a polyurethane top coat over it to prevent it from staining.

Top 4 Most Unique Flooring Ideas To Install In Your Bathroom


Slate has always been and continues to remain very popular. It is very unique and has a lot of character. Depending on the type of slate you choose, it can also fit just about any style. When buying slate however, keep in mind that no two pieces are alike, and that’s what makes it unique.

In addition, make sure you put a good sealer over it once it’s installed. You can choose from sealers that don’t change the original color to sealers that deepen and enhance or even make it shine.

As with anything always make sure you check with the manufacturer on their recommended maintenance guides and if you follow them, you will have floors that can last a lifetime.

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