Revolutionary Laminate underfloor heating systems

Underfloor Heating for Wood Laminate Floors

Revolutionary heating

To many customers the carbon underfloor heating film will be something new, its not like traditional heating cables that are used for the undertile system, the best way to describe it, is it’s similar to photo negative film, which makes this revolutionary carbon heating film truly different.

If you’re thinking of choosing a wood or laminate floor then this is the system for you.

Installation of the carbon system has never been easier thanks to the unique factor of being a dry installation, this means that you don’t require any messy tile adhesive’s or floor screeds, simply un-pack and get ready to install it, a easy to follow step by step explanation can be found here.

The Carbon Heating Film

Each carbon heating system is supplied with the following components:

  • 130w or 160w per m² Carbon Heating Film with cold tails attached.
  • 6mm or 12mm Depron insulation which is also the underlay for your flooring?
  • FH01 Digital Thermostat and floor sensor with a 7 day timer.
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Easy to follow floor plan to show you were to place the carbon film.
  • Revolutionary Laminate underfloor heating systems

Once the carbon film is installed, your wood or laminate floor can be laid directly on top, there is no need for any additional underlay as the Depron insulation that comes in the kit does that job. We can accommodate most types of floor installations with the carbon film, but we recommend installing your floor as a “floating floor”, we can also accommodate floors that require “secret nailing”.

Floating floor installations are straight forward, once the system had been installed, just lay the flooring directly on top without any additional underlay, and make sure you leave an expansion gap around the perimeter as per flooring instructions.

Secret nailed floor can be done by using the following method, most floors run lengthways with the room, so what you need to do is baton the floor out width ways or 90degrees to the run of the floor, using 2” or 50mm wide ply or MDF batons either 6mm or 12mm thick (whichever suits), cut yourself a spacer which needs to be 340mm long and use this to space the batons across the floor, so you end up with a battened floor with 340mm inside edge to inside edge gaps. Next you would cut the Depron to fill in-between and then lay the carbon film on top. The film we would supply you with is 400mm edge to edge with a 330mm heated centre, this leave a 35mm clear section down each side of the element with which you can staple to the baton and secret nail through.

The carbon heating film has a unique double laminated design which means that the element itself is less than half a millimetre thick (0.03mm) and yet is extremely durable and robust which is backed by a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE, making it the best underfloor heating product you can choose for a wooden or laminate flooring.

If your room is a conservatory then you will need to choose the 160w type and use 130w type for internal rooms.

Can I have laminate underfloor heating? Of course you can is the simple answer, but you need to choose the correct heating system and flooring.

Nowadays most laminate flooring is suitable for underfloor heating, but you do need to ask the supplier if it suitable, it’s not really a question for us to answer – but we do get asked it quite often! We rarely have had any reports of problems using laminate flooring, but we soon get to know if any manufactures laminates don’t work with underfloor heating. I can only think of a couple of case’s in the past were the customer has installed the heating, got the flooring down, then whacked the heating on full blast and cooked the floor, this resulted in de-lamination of the flooring, and ironically it was the same brand of flooring, so we soon get to know which isn’t very good!

In the past most customers were sold a cable system then told to cover the cables with a latex levelling compound ready for the final flooring to sit on top, but now times have moved on and we supply what is known as “carbon heating film”, this is a very thin plastic laminated sheet, its quite a new idea and still most trade’s people have not seen it.

It’s a brilliant system to install and makes it a good choice for the keen DIY’er. The carbon system is a dry installation, this means no screeds or adhesives or anything messy like that. This system comes as a kit which comprises of Depron insulation, the heating film itself, a moisture barrier and finally the digital thermostat.

To install the laminate underfloor heating system all you need to do is cover the floor with the Depron, tape the joints together using something like 2” duck tape, then lay the elements out as per floor plan that we would do for you, run the wires and test the heating elements, cover the system with the moisture barrier and then lay your laminate flooring directly on top, once you have done this connect it up to the power and away you go!

If your thinking of buying a laminate underfloor heating system then you will need to supply us with a floor plan, don’t panic these are easy to do, quite simply get some paper (graph paper is best) draw the outline of the floor, imagine looking down from a birds eye view, then using a tape measure take all the measurements of each wall, or straight line, don’t include things like kitchen units or built in cupboards, we just want the “free floor space”, then put your contact details on, what room it is and send off to us either via email, post, or fax, we will work out the best system to fit into your area and provide you with a quotation, if your happy we will take it from there.

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