ReClaimed Re Usable Cabinet Doors

ReClaimed Re Usable Cabinet Doors

ReClaimed Re Usable Cabinet Doors — 15 (106 Stockton St)

condition: good

ReClaimed Re Usable Cabinet Doors. different styles, different designs, different materials. several to choose from. prices start at $15.00 and go up from there. photos only show a small sample of what’s available.

We also have row upon row of other cabinets both new & pre owned that may interest you. Invest a bit of your time to visit us and you’ll get an idea of how well priced and easy to get along with we are, Thanks


You can save hundreds, possibly thousands on your remodel if you invest a bit of your time to visit us. Photos are just a small sample of what’s available.

Please see more of what’s available by searching in craigslist for 106 Stockton we have Row upon Row. stacked floor to ceiling of items devoted to your building / remodeling / contracting / decorating needs.

You can save hundreds, possibly thousands on your remodel if you invest a bit of your time to visit us.

Check us out 7 days a week. we have TONS of cool, interesting, & practical stuff .

Eco Relics | 106 Stockton St. Jacksonville, FL 32204 904- Three30 — 007Four

GO GREEN with Eco Relics and help us keep usable building materials out of landfills. Be eco-friendly & get your building materials from Eco Relics.

Architectural Salvage, Building Materials, New & Used Tools, Antiques

Eco Relics was established early in 2014 by Michael & Ann Murphy. We built a company that prides itself on keeping usable construction supplies out of landfills and saving as many architectural remnants as possible. This business is passionate about investing in the community by salvaging building materials from diverse sources and sellin. g them to their patrons at a fraction of the retail cost. In keeping with the company’s mission of reusing and re-purposing they purchased an old freight depot to house Eco Relics.

The 50,000 sq ft warehouse at 106 Stockton Street was built of brick tiles in 1927. The building required substantial renovations. Where ever possible, energy efficient and salvaged material options were used to the update the warehouse. The warehouse was also landscaped using rescued palms, trees and shrubs. Every effort has been made to maintain the building’s cool historical character. See More

General Information


Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

We are devoted to preserving historical architectural building materials.

We are dedicated to keeping architectural salvage and building materials out of our landfills. We are always looking for opportunities to reclaim and salvage building materials that would otherwise be sent to dumpsters and trucked to landfills.

ReClaimed Re Usable Cabinet Doors

We want to discount building materials to renovate older homes with historical accuracy.

Eco Relics is committed to reducing waste, repurposing supplies, and providing reclaimed building materials at a reasonable cost.

We want to provide a place where people that share our commitment to the environment and can reuse and repurpose what we salvage and sell us their unneeded items.

We work to create long term jobs and are dedicated to providing a safe and happy work environment.

Stop and see our wide selection of discount building materials. Some of our products include: Surplus building materials

Wood flooring materials

Tile flooring

Counter Tops

New & used tools

Used electrical equipment

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