Radiant Cost

Radiant Cost

I built this web site in 1996, it is designed and maintained to help the average home owner realize how affordable and how easy a radiant heating system is to install. In the past twenty plus years I have installed hundreds of radiant heating systems and have shipped over a thousand radiant heating packages for the home owner to install. I have seen many homeowners install their own systems, not because they were the do-it-yourself type, but because they saw this as the only way they could afford a quality radiant heating system.

I have dedicated this site to the advancement of affordable radiant floor heating. There is a very large gap between the theoretical information furnished by the manufacturers of heating equipment and the information needed by the person actually installing the system. Many tradesmen do not have the experience required to design, install and troubleshoot radiant heating systems. Plus the fact that many people are promoting their products with little regards to the truth. Most plumbers have plumbed hundreds of homes but few have installed successful radiant heating systems. They have served several years apprenticeship for plumbing but are relying on the tubing manufacturer or wholesaler to give them information for installing radiant.

This site simply promotes Hydronic floor radiant heat, and is designed to help the tradesman, builder and the home-owner.

The truth is that there is no oversight and no independent testing on radiant products. Many products being sold for radiant heat are being misrepresented. It is not possible to trust the information you receive from people who are selling the product. I maintain this site for the advancement of affordable, quality and simple radiant heat. There is absolutely no reason for the price that many are charging for radiant installations. The greed that has directed the radiant business has held back the advancement of radiant heat. In actuality radiant floor heat should be install in almost every new home built. If radiant heat was being represented honestly it would provide much more profitable work for plumbers.

In the thirties and forties radiant heat was introduced to the public using copper tubing, it rapidly became the preferred heat. At that time the plumbers approached it differently, the standards were published in neat little I=B=R books available to all plumbers. This systems failed because copper and cement do not go together. When Polybutylene was introduced to the trades they rejected it completely for plumbing and heating. Next Pex was introduced and many plumbers shunned it, insisting that copper is superior to plastic. I don’t see them dragging any cast iron around for drains. Plumbers are a very insecure bunch, fearing that something new is going to cut down on their labor charges. Actually most DIY people do not want to install there own plumbing or heating and any plumber that embraces new technology will find increased business and that his customers will be glad to pay a fair price for his expert service.

Today radiant floor heating is driven by the manufactures of the radiant heating products. They are driven totally by the bottom line and lack a desire to see radiant become the simple and affordable system it could be.

The truth is that hydronic radiant floor heat could be the affordable choice for nearly every home and the United States. It could save home owners every home owner 30% t0 40% on their heating bills plus cut the greenhouse gas emissions from home heating by 40%.

Thirty years ago I had the idea to try heating through the floor using plastic tubing (Polybutylene). I was encouraged by a very old plumber friend, who talked about using radiant with copper in concrete back in the thirties. I was surprised how well people liked it and how well it worked. After struggling with developing installation methods and finding products that worked best for a few years I finally settled on methods that work consistently. I have learned that, Nothing teaches like failure and only giving up is true failure.

Simple, affordable and quality radiant floor heating is a vision I have had since the first system I installed thirty years ago.

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