Problems With Bluestone Flooring eHow

Problems With Bluestone Flooring eHow

Bluestone and Water

Bluestone tiles and pavers are porous, and the stone can soak up water and hold it. This leads to a number of problems. A slight curling in the stone could unseat stones from level alignment on a patio. Another is a splotchy loss of color in the stone. If the bluestone is used in a bathroom, soap residue should be wiped off after each use to prevent build-up. For most situations where exposure to water is frequent or prolonged, the bluestone should be sealed. In high-use areas where the sealer will wear more quickly, its important to check regularly to see if the floor needs resealing to protect it from water damage.

Spills and Breakage

Bluestone floors in the kitchen are attractive but have two main disadvantages. First, the stone is unforgiving. If you drop something breakable, it will probably shatter or crack. Standing on the stone for long periods can be hard on the legs and back, so it would be prudent to cover the floor where cooks or dishwashers will work with carpets or padded mats. Spills have to be wiped up and soaked up right away. Bluestone will stain, and oily spills like salad dressing in a kitchen or on a patio will discolor the stone. Sealer will help this but not completely protect the porous stone. Indoors you can use a hydrogen peroxide-based solution for removing stains. Outdoors the natural bleaching and weathering will fade dark stains eventually, but a quick mop-up will minimize the damage.

Efflorescence, Scratches and Chips

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Problems With Bluestone Flooring. Problems With Bluestone Flooring. Bluestone is a type of dense, fairly smooth sandstone quarried in the northeastern United.

Natural-stone flooring can bring an air of rustic style to your home or garden. Blue stone is an attractive, natural stone.

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Bluestone is a natural stone made from volcanic rock. Durable, slip and scratch resistant, and low maintenance, bluestone is an ideal flooring.

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