Phoenix Concrete Floor Coatings Staining Epoxy

Phoenix Concrete Floor Coatings Staining Epoxy

Acid Staining Experts

You can choose or create your own designs from our many examples, or from your own design.

Garage Epoxy Floor

We have many different color with flake combinations for your review, with different top seal applications.

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Special Designs

Granite Looking Flakes is our unique chemical combination of epoxy and amines that results in a superior system of coatings that exceed anything else on the market. It gives a great balance of decorative esthetics in a functional, seamless, poured-in-place chemical resistant floor coating.


Micro-Topping provides you with a new canvas for applying various staining techniques and can be integrally colored to simulate hard troweled colored concrete. It can be stenciled or textured in a restoration project or a new architectural finish.

Choice of Top Seals

Choice of Shine

You have a choice of whether you want a Natural Looking Surface, a Glossy Surface, or Real Shining Surface, based upon the type of top seal choosen.

Concrete floor coatings are resins (epoxy or polyurethane) that create an impenetrable floor coating (or layer) on your concrete residential, commercial or industrial floor. High quality concrete floor coating from Ecocrete Coatings will prevent the transmission of water and contaminants and keep your flooring safe and long-lasting.

There are many benefits to using concrete coating on industrial floors, such as:

Phoenix Concrete Floor Coatings Staining Epoxy
    Aesthetics—Concrete coatings provide an amazing appearance Easy to clean—While bare concrete floors hold dirt, concrete coatings create a barrier making cleaning fast and easy Safety—By keeping floors dry, concrete coatings will keep them safe for employees and guests Protection from wear and tear—Uncoated concrete will not last nearly as long as flooring with concrete coating; concrete coated flooring will last for many years without the need for costly repairs. Reflect light—Concrete coated flooring will reflect 100% more light than bare concrete providing more visibility and making the floors safer. It also reduces the need for auxiliary lighting and will restore life to dull, drab bare concrete.

One of the most common types of concrete coating for industrial applications is epoxy floor coatings because they deliver an attractive appearance and provide great durability for industrial flooring like that found in airport hangars, industrial plants, Fire Stations and many other large industrial facilities. It will help the Homeowner as well.

Epoxy flooring adds value (and aesthetic appeal to your workspace) by making it:

Achieving the above goals is always in our sight, but how we go about completing these goals differs from customer to customer because another person’s solution may not be the best one for you. When you select Ecocrete Coatings to transform your space to your specifications, we will listen to your needs, look at your space, and make a professional recommendation tailored just for you with your budget in mind.

By looking at the images in our Web Sites, you will see that we offer a wide variety of urethanes, stains, overlays and epoxies for every application, including VOC compliant urethanes and odor-free urethanes. The benefits of urethane and epoxy floor coating are many, including maximized cost efficiency, long-term protection and improved aesthetics.

They are also known as polyurethanes. So whether you required a great top seal such as polyaspartic, polyurea or polyurethane, we have them, along with special blends for your special needs.

If you’d like to learn more about concrete coatings, garage epoxy flooring, or any of your own special requirements, please contact us or schedule a free consultation with one of our flooring experts.

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