Installing hardwood floors in the kitchen One Home Made

installing hardwood floors in the kitchen One Home Made

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The 12×12 porcelain tile in our previous homes kitchen.

Previous kitchens 12×12 porcelain tile where it met the living rooms hardwood flooring.

Even though that house, just like our current one, had hardwood floors throughout (with the exception of the bathrooms and the basement), tiling was a much simpler and more cost effective route for us. The kitchen floors in our previous house were incredibly uneven and would have required a great deal of prep for hardwood flooring. By choosing to go with tile we not only saved money on material (the porcelain tile we chose was less expensive per square foot then hardwood flooring) but we only had to use self leveling concrete as a foundation for the tile versus spending a great deal of extra time and money leveling out the floor from underneath in the crawl space.

Yes, I know you may be thinking that just two posts ago I wrote about how we had to jack up the floors in our current house and add new footings because of sagging floors. Its not that our last house wasnt worth it, it definitely would have been IF the sagging and uneven floors were caused by a major structural issue, like they are in this house.

Now, to get back to the floors in our new house. After finishing our last house, and while hunting for a new one, Pavlo and I would discuss things we loved about the last house and would absolutely repeat, as well as things we would do differently. Things design related usually fell into the latter of the two categories, I promised myself to take a few more risks in design and decor in this house. One thing I must have repeated over and over was that if the budget allowed I reeeeally wanted hardwood flooring in the kitchen. Some people find having hardwoods in a kitchen or bathroom to be nothing more then a high maintenance headache. To be fair, yes, if you have a leak, or spill anything, youd better get on making any repairs and cleaning it ASAP. Floors will buckle and they dont always go back! However, there are many people like myself that find them to be just completely beautiful and worth the maintenance, especially when theyre paired with painted cabinets. As examples, gere are a couple of kitchens of just that combination. The second picture is of a kitchen designed by one of my favorite designers, Sarah Richardson.

Adds such wonderful contrast and texture.

Just love how adding a natural element like wood makes the whole room feel warmer!

installing hardwood floors in the kitchen One Home Made

I guess its fair to say that repeatedly telling Pavlo of my love for hardwoods in a kitchen paid off because less then a week after closing on the house Pavlo was driving home with 550 square feet of hardwood flooring. These floors were perfect in so many ways. First of all, he paid less than $1 a square foot for them. Secondly, they were the exact type of flooring running through the rest of our house, and thirdly, they were originally installed in another 1930s house so its like they were meant  to be installed in our little 1930s houseat least I like to tell myself this.

Just a few of the stacks of hardwood flooring Pavlo came home with.

After demoing the kitchen, installing the beam and removing a large portion of the wall separating the living room, dining room and kitchen from each other (these last two things can be read about here ), floor prep and install was ready to begin!

First, new sub flooring was installed in the eat-in area of the kitchen along with repairs to other areas of the kitchen sub flooring:

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