How to Install Snap & Click Laminate Flooring eHow

How to Install Snap & Click Laminate Flooring eHow


Level the subfloor before the laminate flooring installation. The subfloor should not deviate more than 1/8 inch in height for every 10 feet. To check for level, drag a level bar (a long, flat bar with a level surface) across the floor, marking any high or low points in the subfloor. Grind high points to the level of the floor surface around them using either a concrete grinder for concrete subfloors or a floor sander for wooden subfloors. Fill dips in the floor with wood putty for small dips in wooden subfloors, and with self-leveling compound for large dips in wooden subfloors and dips in concrete subfloors. Allow the compound to dry and remove any dust from the leveling process.

Measure the width of the floor and divide by the board width to determine the number of boards necessary to cover the surface of the floor. For example, in a room of 16 square feet, you would need 24 full 7 3/4-inch planks and a partial plank of about 5 1/2 inches, which includes the space needed for the expansion joints. If a partial board is required and is less than 2 inches wide, use two partial board rows instead of the one small row. So if a 1-inch partial plank was needed, instead of creating the small planks, cut a half inch from the widths of the starting and ending rows of planks instead.

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