Hardwood Floors Increase Value Of Homes

Hardwood Floors Increase Value Of Homes

Hardwood Floors Increase Value of homes

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

From West Coast Flooring Center

Ensuring the highest return on a home is difficult as the real estate market continues to plunge. In order to make a great first impression and gain home buyer interest, it is important to update your home’s cosmetic features. According to experts, the key to attracting buyers and getting the most value for your home is to follow the theory of what buyers can see vs. what they can’t see. Home sellers should make improvements starting at what buyers can see immediately (such as flooring, appliances and new paint) then move on to what buyers can’t see (plumbing and electrical upgrades). In other words, before investing in a new plumbing system for the house, change the floors. Most buyers won’t even ask how good the plumbing is if they notice a huge stain on the carpet first.

The first impression is what gets buyers in the door and interested. Focus your remodeling efforts on the rooms that create the biggest buyer impact. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms amongst home buyers. Home owners who undertook major bathroom and kitchen remodeling jobs saw between 88 and 91 percent of their costs recouped. According to Bruce Taylor of ERA Key Realty Services, Kitchens and bathrooms often sell the house.

These five improvements will ensure you make the strongest impression on your potential buyers on a tight home improvement budget:


Replace your dated carpets and tiling. Floors make a crucial first impression on prospective buyers, says John Spitzer, a principal broker for John L. Scott in Portland, OR, Go to an open house, says Spitzer. Most people are looking down. The first thing they see is the carpet … They’re going to notice the floor way before they notice the windows.

Quality wood flooring can bring class and elegance to some of the most outdated homes. Investing $4,000 to $5,000 in new flooring can increase the value of your home by an average of $10,000, doubling the home owner’s return on investment, reports Betsy Schiffman of Forbes Magazine.

New flooring is a fast and affordable way to increase home value. Unlike room additions and other types of pricey and time consuming home improvements, hardwood flooring installation is quick and simple and often takes no more than a couple days to complete.


A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for an outdated bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. Paint over your home’s faded wallpaper or old coat of chipped paint with a solid, neutral color.

Countertop Space

Hardwood Floors Increase Value Of Homes

If the countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms are dated and dingy, replace cracked or chipped tiles and re-grout. To really get home buyers’ attention, install granite countertops.

Countertop vendors and home builders have experienced a boom in the demand for kitchen and bathroom granite countertops. Although it can be more expensive to install, granite countertops remain a kitchen and bathroom favorite because they retain their value better than most home improvements.


After updating your flooring, walls and countertops; your old household appliances may stick out like a sore thumb. Replace your dated refrigerator, oven, stove top and microwave with the latest models in order to match your home’s new look.


A free and easy way to spruce up your surroundings is to get rid of all that clutter! Remove any unused appliances and tools from countertops. Everything should have a storage place out of view from potential home buyers; if not, have neighbors keep your clutter for the time being.

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