Floor Safe Flooring, Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Accident, Non-Slip Drive ways, Slippery

Floor Safe Flooring, Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Accident, Non-Slip Drive ways, Slippery

Slips Trips and Falls Prevention! Call the Non-Slip Floor Surface Safety Specialists

Slips Trips and Falls Prevention! Call the Non-Slip Floor Surface Safety Specialists

Slip trips and fall accidents can have a devastating impact on you, your family, friends, community and the workplace. So choose an anti slip system that has all the protection you need.

Our nonslip solutions will:

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Workplace Health and Safety, Slippery Prevention & Hazard Concerns

Workplace safety and OH&S are major concerns for all Australian businesses. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of liability loss claims and rank as the second leading cause of accidental deaths for aged 45-75 years old. Slip and fall accidents are estimated to cost Australia at least $3 billion each year.

In January 2007, the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney reported the case of Diana Hutton-Potts who was awarded $277,000 compensation after a fall at the Bondi Hotel. The largest settlement to date in Australia for a single slip and fall accident is believed to be $2.75 million.

Most accidents occur under hazardous circumstances. Risk assessments typically identify the following as examples of slip hazards: spillage of (or the presence of) wet and dry substances; change from dry to wet floor surfaces; slippery stairs & surfaces; miscellaneous rubbish; unsuitable footwear; slopes and changes of level; and poor lighting. Many of these hazards are related to lack of cleaning, maintenance and prevention.

Our anti-slip solutions and maintenance program will help you to address your concerns with workplace safety by providing a safe workplace environment for your staff.

Floor Safety For Your Family

Preventing a fall or accidents on slippery tiles

Make your home a safer place for all the people you love.

Your bathroom and kitchen tiles, tiled entry and pool areas and concrete walkways and driveways are often very slippery when wet.

Our anti-slip safety treatment can be used on ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles, concrete walkways, in fact any porous surface.

Slip resistant floor treatment can improve the safety of your home.

Floor & Stairs Safety Maintenance Service

Over time, high pedestrian traffic, cleaning systems, applied coatings and patterns of wear may affect the slip resistance properties of your floor surface.

Inspection and testing of the floor surface should be conducted at regular intervals as part of a continual maintenace program.

We recommend that inspections and tests are carried out every 3 to 6 months depending on the traffic pattern for a specific area.

Best Non-Slip Solutions can work with you to establish a maintenance program for your workplace or home.

Anti-Slip Treatment

Our anti-slip treatment is suitable for tiled, concrete and porous stone surfaces. It is extremely hard-wearing, even in high traffic areas and provides extra grip in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, foyers and around pools without altering the appearance of the floor.

Anti-Slip Floors and Slip Resistant Mats

Best Non-Slip Solutions can provide mats that help reduce slip and fall accidents in wet, dry, oily, greasy or slippery areas. These mats are useful for anti skid surfacing and are suitable for kitchens, locker rooms, ramps, food counters, outside entrances and many other areas.

Slip Resistance and Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti-Slip tapes offer a simple and effective way to reduce slip and fall accidents. Each tape has a heavy coating of permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive that is water resistant and ensures that once its down, it stays down.

Fordex Safety Flooring

Fordex marine grade safety flooring is designed to provide a secure non-slip surface in areas where grip under foot is paramount to pedestrian safety.

TreadGrip Overlay and Nosing

TreadGrip products are manufactured from hard wearing polyester resin and are suitable for interior or exterior steps. The Overlay and Nosing products can be retro fitted onto existing wooden, metal or concrete steps and offer superior traction in wet or oily conditions. An excellent DIY solution for you home or business.

Traction Grip — Amazing New Product

Helps reduce your slip and fall liability by providing a vice like grip between your feet and floor. Quick and simple to use. Also dissolves grease and oil like butter in a microwave. Quite different to any other floor care product. R egular use with a light concentration helps to maintain a slip resistant floor surface (by raising the SCOF rating) while higher concentrations can be used to remove built-up deposits or to tackle specific problem areas.

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