Dark hardwood floors

One of the most extravagant solutions in interior design is the dark hardwood floors. Dark colors will make the space around easier. Light-colored walls and ceiling combined with dark hardwood floors visually expands the room. It is believed that the dark hardwood floors prefer self-confident and very determined people.

Sometimes for the room design suits only the dark floor color, but the choice of dark wood floors is relatively small.

Hardwood floors characterized by a wide choice of textures and methods of installation. Among this variety is not the most popular, but a remarkable option is dark or even black hardwood floors.

Black color always looks elegant and stylish. Moreover, dark floor profitable set off the bright walls and furniture. but, in contrast to the dark ceiling, would not put pressure on the space. This color scheme is appropriate in a different style interiors, although more suitable for modern buildings.

The black color is dense and rich in such cases is usually used painted wood, such as oak. Depending on the color texture of the wood fibers can be read or be hidden.

Compromise could be just a dark hardwood floors, not necessarily the inky black. Wenge Color, for example, will also be very interesting in the interior and not so demanding in stylistic terms.

Oak could be toned to black color. To do this, it has consistently impregnated with several layers of stain and then coated with a dark varnish.

But the using dark floor in interior has its drawbacks. For example, it is a poor choice for very small or poorly lighted rooms. In addition, it is nessesary to maintain purity of the floor because on it will be visible every speck of dust, so cleaning will have to pay special attention. Similarly, to conceal scratches on the surface of the dark floor is much more complicated than a on light floor.

Dark hardwood floors: restraint, generosity, harmony, comfort

The stylish dark colored flooring fits perfectly into the interior of a house. It is important to invent the design of your flat, and then the floor will be beautifully with furniture and other furnishings. In the interior, created with it, fits perfectly antique wooden furniture. With such a perfect harmony the door flooring and wallpaper warm tones. In official and administrative buildings of similar shades floor looks particularly great because it creates a sense of intimacy, not obscuring the room.

Flooring can be made from an array of different wood species. For this can be used as conventional varieties, such as oak, beech, teak, and more exotic wenge, merbau, etc. If this is used for the production of light shade wood, it can be treated with oil of another tone. Dark oil for parquet surface gives a completely different color, making it a noble, restrained and understated. The pattern on it is almost imperceptible, but when the light beam pass through the window and fall to the floor, he immediately illuminates the original artistic image of wood fibers, artfully accentuated skillful polishing in this room will never be dark.

Price of dark hardwood flooring depends on what kind of wood used to produce a master of what technologies are used for processing. Therefore, these floor coverings in value may be treated as a low-cost budget, and more valuable to the elite category.

Modern brown, gray and black colors of the flooring are made with the latest technology. On this floor covering practically invisible stains, so it is easy to maintain.

Wenge Wood

African wenge wood is another boon for fans of stylish interiors. A special decorative value because wenge is beautiful color and great texture. Black wenge flooring is used mainly to create a luxury interior.

Recently, Wenge wood has become a rarity because increases in Zaire. There is acivil war in this country, so the market is experiencing shortage of this type of wood. Wenge is a dark color, like a thick cocoa with black highlights. Wenge parquet made of hard, resistant to pressure. The pores of the wood are saturated with oil, preventing the processing and application of varnish. Dark wenge parquet is very unusual and original, but it has some kind of heavy and is not suitable for every room.

How to choose a dark hardwood floors

Choosing a dark floor, it is very easy to make mistakes and create a dark room, with an overwhelming atmosphere. It should pay attention to the color selection of other items are located in the room in order to avoid this mitake. In addition, if the room has no large window or glass door, you need to think about the constant artificial light.

Of course, the biggest advantage of the dark hardwood floors is that it makes the room a serious, elegant and chic. After dark wood finishes, the room will look luxurious and prestigious. Dark floors go well with the cold wall colors such as turquoise and purple.

Before you choose a dark hardwood floors, remember that dark colors reduce the area. This effect can be both helpful and harmful. Dark hardwood floors, such as wenge, perfect fit for a spacious room with bright walls, and the smaller room is the worse it will look like.

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