Commercial Carpet and Flooring Options

Commercial Carpet and Flooring Options

Commercial Carpet and Flooring Options

There is a huge variety of carpet and flooring options for commercial settings that can be used for the home as well.

Indoor-Outdoor Carpeting

Indoor-outdoor carpets are renowned for their versatility as well as their beauty and style. They are very effective when it comes to protecting the floor against moisture and dampness. You can find these carpets in a myriad of textures and patterns. Other styles include cut pile velour, textured, loop, Saxony, and friege. If you are considering indoor-outdoor carpet, check for density, moisture resistance abilities, UV resistance, and stain resistance.

Plush Carpeting

Plush carpeting is another excellent option for your commercial space. With the dense yet smooth weave, a cushioning, plush carpeting will add lots of comfort to your space. Another key advantage is the stain and soil resistance capacity that these carpets have. Not only do plush carpets repel stains, they deter dirt from clinging to fibers.

Textured plush carpeting reduces vacuum and footprint marks thanks to different tuft heights. This carpeting is usually made using yarns of different color but youll also have a wide selection of individually colored carpets.

Berber Carpets

Berber carpets are some of the most versatile carpets. They are famous for their speckled texture as well as their bulky look. With these loop carpets you can select the loop size that best suits your commercial space. Larger loops are preferred for spaces that dont get alot of foot traffic, while tighter loops are perfect for the busier spaces. In addition, Berber carpets are easy to install and maintain.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is one of the most comfortable and attractive flooring options around. Cork flooring is very effective in reducing vibration and noise levels, a quality that will be appreciated in any commercial space. Cork easily regains its original shape after compression which is a good thing for commercial spaces. These floors are damaged by sharp objects like chair legs. You should use felt pads to prevent direct contact.

These floors are easy to maintain and extremely durable as well. Cork contains suberin which is a natural insect repellant and an anti-rot substance.

In terms of maintenance, you will be routinely required to apply either a wax finish or a polyurethane finish.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floor coating is especially great for your commercial spaces concrete floor, particularly if you deal with lots of heavy objects. They are much appreciated for their impact-resistance qualities including protection against nicks and scratches.

Epoxy coating ensures that your floor is slip resistant. These floors have a surface quality that makes them dust-resistant and extremely easy to clean. They are extremely resilient against corrosive liquids and chemicals. Maintaining them is therefore quite straightforward.

Rubber Flooring

Like epoxy floor coating, rubber flooring offers the same advantages of impact, slip, and fire resistance. Rubber flooring also provides great sound absorption qualities. A floor coated in rubber can be resistant to chemical spills. Another advantage of rubber flooring is that rubber does not harbor allergens or insects. Maintaining rubber flooring is quite easy.

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