Brick Paver Sealing Florida

Brick Paver Sealing Florida

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Julington Creek Plantation Brick Paver ealing & Pool Deck ealing to perminatley top Mold & Mildew!

Or for Commercial or Residental Presure Wahing go here. Or Simply call me the Preident I will get to you a quickly a I can usually with in 24 hr at mot. ome times and hr depending on how busy I am. But you can fill the contact in for at Perfect ealinginc webite and one of our Salesmen will get to you ASAP>>

Perfect Sealing & Presure Wahing All N.E. Florida from Amelia Iland to Palm Coat and A far a Tampa and Palm Coat Florida we are the real professional company that will be here to protect you investment. It jut ring in my ears every time I har it from my Father Saying why do it if you are going to do half A—! I want to make it perfect Each and Every time.

Jacksonville, FL #1 pressure washing and ealing experts with over 15 yr in sealing Brick Paver Pool Decks & Driveway we alo fdo garage floors decrotive a well to keep the garage clean look ing and nice, to stop mold mildew and chalky apperance want you paver to stay looking new or do you want to waste your investment? Call us we can do economicly and Stay with the same sealer compnany PSI INC we will really take care of you for atleat the next 25 yrs we look forward to serving your need dont buy the lie fron Shield Product’s or Adsil or First Coat Microguard it a lie I can give you 100 of custmers that would love to hang them but we PSI INC are the only company that if ther i a problrm ak our customer I will be happy to give you there number they just want to be taken care of not slap a ealer doen and get the check and never tak t them again at fiort they are your bet freind but once they lap down the ealer and get paid good luck trying to get any thing repaired we strive on customer ervice and word of mouth pl give u the chance to earn your buine today. that ay they have a life time warranty you will be left hangin out to dry truth in this market i everthing we strive to give excellent ervice and main tain your home integrity for years to come, exterior painting and seal coat experts with over 15 years experience, now with expanded brick paver services.

Pressure Washing

If done right, it only has to be done once!

Perfect Sealing of Jacksonville, FL will clean concrete, brick, siding, roofs, etc, with environmentally safe materials. We will get rid of mold, mildew, oil stains, water spots, etc. and give your business or home exterior surface a face lift. Then, you can stop the need for further pressure washing by adding sealer coating or concrete paint which will preserve your home exterior surface from the above plus UV rays from the sun. We use products which contain no bleach and are environmentally safe. Our treatment process provides protection in the following ways:

We protect floor coatings, roof coatings, painting surfaces, concrete. etc.

We clean roofs and seal against rain and sun.

Reduces maintenance and replacement costs

Sealer eliminates mold & mildew

Will not oxidize or corrode

Deep cleans and deodorizes

Will not peel, crack or flake

Bonds permanently to the surface

Protection from the ravages of high humidity

Provides UV protection from damaging sunlight

Prevents moisture transmission in newly poured cement

Repels graffiti, water and oils

Will not yellow, fade or crack

Never strip or wax a floor again

Removes algae and reduces slippery surfaces

Commercial, painting and paving contractors: Contact Us!

Concrete sealer, wood coating, sealing adhesive, roof coating

Perfect Sealing is the master installment company for sealing pools Paver’s, pool decks, Travitne, and tile, our coatings are virtually impenetrable. This is the answer to long term maintenance of your surface. Our coating equals or exceeds the protection brought by teflon, xylan, dykor, excalibur, halar, antimicrobial. Also, ask about lumiflon lf-200.

Brick Paver Sealing Florida

Protect your exterior surface by coating it today!

We service the following areas: Charleston, SC, Savannah and Brunswick, GA, FL: Orange Park, Jacksonville, Neptune, Atlantic and Jax. Beaches, Ponte Vedre, Marsh Landing, Sawgrass, Duval, St. Augustine, St. Johns, Baker, Clay, Palm Coast, Daytona, Ft Lauderdale and Miami.

We have done sealing and coating at :

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Universal Studios


High Rise Condominiums

Local governments

FAA Runways

Coast Guard Vessels


Shopping Malls


Let us be your sealing contractor for Jacksonville. We use the latest and most powerful equipment and we are constantly testing newer chemicals for the best product and service we can provide. Licensed and insured, you can call us at the number below or through our Contact Us page and we’ll give you and estimate. Or you can go to our Contact Us page and request it that way.

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