Brick Cleaning Stone Floor Cleaning Hertfordshire

Brick Cleaning Stone Floor Cleaning Hertfordshire

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Brick Floor Restoration Essex

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This client, based in Essex. was about to get a new kitchen fitted and so before works began he thought he’d call me to restore his stone floor. He had received our details through a recommendation and wanted to use our stone restoration services because of the reputation that we have built up locally. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for each and every client.

The brick flooring had a varnish type seal on it that had broken down allowing years of dirt and grime to penetrate into the brick floor and grout lines.

A very powerful stripping agent was applied, which quickly softened the dirt and varnish enough to be rinsed away under high pressure using my state of the art enclosed spinning technology.

We are specialised in brick floor cleaning and this forms an incredibly important part of our stone restoration process. It inevitably allows us to provide a superior tailored service.

Our client was delighted with the fantastic transformation to his stone flooring. When the floor was thoroughly dried, it was sealed leaving a satin finish that will make routine cleaning much easier.

To keep this floor looking this good the client has joined my maintenance programme where, for a small monthly payment, via standing order, I will return every year to deep clean and re-seal this floor.

This is another element of how we set ourselves apart from our competition. We aim to build a solid reputation, built on our reliable, trustworthy and first-class provision without exception.

The images show the story of the transformation that was achieved with this job.

We receive feedback stating that seeing evidence of the restoration results that are achievable with professional stone floor cleaning and restoration allows our potential clients to build trust in our Company.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss cleaning or restoring your brick flooring please contact Saul on FREE on 0800 695 0096.

Brick Restoration North London

These pictures show a brick restoration job completed in North London. The client had previously invited someone else attempt to restore her brick floor but it had made no significant improvement.

Brick Cleaning Stone Floor Cleaning Hertfordshire

I was referred to this client from another existing client in Hertfordshire. Client referrals and repeat work are very important to us as we work consistently to earn it. We achieve this by discussing all elements of the stone restoration process, whilst offering results that often cannot be achieved by others. We look to provide a service that customers are happy and willing to discuss with friends and family.

I did a test patch which exposed the lovely colours of the bricks. The client had no idea that the bricks were so colourful and instructed me to restore the entire floor.

The finished results of this brick cleaning work were very satisfying and the client was delighted.

If you are looking to clean, restore or seal your brick floor please contact Saul on 01763 281391 .

We will provide a no obligation quotation after visiting your property to complete a survey on your stone flooring.

Each stone type requires a different approach and our experience ensures that the correct techniques and cleaning methods are employed.

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