Wicanders Commercial Cork Flooring Natural Cork Flooring

Wicanders Commercial Cork Flooring Natural Cork Flooring

The Wonders of Commercial Cork Flooring

The video below explains and provides examples of some of the benefits

of having a cork floor installed. Enjoy.

A Cork Floor Perfect for Going Green

Whether it is commercial cork flooring or cork flooring for the residence, according to Candice Olson, the legend of HGTV, A Cork Floor and Green Design are Divine. Candice is an advocate for cork floors and was recently interviewed about going green with cork flooring. She clarified several green design inquiries regarding cork floors. Cork flooring is truly amazing!

Here is Candice Olsons regard concerning going green with a cork floor. She says that she is partial to cork, in fact, she had a cork floor installed in her basement and she loves it. Her desire is that you will consider going green with cork as well. Candice also designed multiple cork flooring layouts for APCOR in a 53 foot mobile trailer which traveled through out North America in order to promote cork awareness to the public. Whether it is in the basement, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office, she is intimately acquainted with the convenience, comfort, and the beauty of cork floors.

Going Green with a Cork Floor or Cork Tiles

According to Candice Olson, green design is absolutely at the top of her green trend list. A green design is not only conscientious, it is economical, and stylish as well. Whether in transitional spaces, contemporary or traditional settings, green design displays not only common sense and flexibility, but in addition, elegance in its materials, like cork. Whether it is on the floor, or on the wall, or even on the ceiling, cork is the ideal alternative for not only todays homes but it is also perfect for any business office setting.

Cork consists of about 50% air. This causes it to be lightweight and extremely durable. It has outstanding insulating components and provides warmth and comfort to the feet. Furthermore, by installing a cork floor will certainly help you conserve on your month-to-month heating bills.

Cork Flooring A Wise Choice For Any Home

In the video below, Candice Olson speaks about why choosing a cork floor makes sense.

What is the Real Cork Floor Campaign?

Why was there a cork floor campaign? Why are these companies all of a sudden banding together? After all, cork has been around for many years.  The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) is instrumental in setting up an international crusade to showcase the numerous features and benefits of Portuguese cork.

A collaboration of cork flooring producers and distributors, Wicanders being one of them, are affiliates of the association and are established in North America They are supporters of the Real Cork Floors initiative. APCOR was established to promote the Portuguese cork industry. In a nutshell, it would be considered an employers association, of a national scope. It was founded in 1956 and it is based in north Portugal.

You may ask yourself, why all cork companies did not group together as one. There are eight companies that are represented in the cork awareness campaign. They worked with the association to bolster and launch the campaign. All organizations operating in commerce, production, or export of any Portuguese cork products could unite with the organization. The eight companies presently associated with the Real Cork Floors campaign are some of the larger distributors and manufacturers of Portuguese cork flooring.  If you are unfamiliar with Cork Flooring you may find the following information helpful.

Where To Install A Cork Floor

A Cork Floor in the Kitchen or Basement

Cork flooring for the kitchen, or the basement, or the bedroom, or the office, cork flooring is right for any space in the home, not to mention the office. Cork can be installed beneath grade, as an insulating barrier on concrete and, of course, over existing floors. Cork flooring will perform well in a basement or a kitchen because of its durability. It does not conduct heat or cold. It does not rot, mold or mildew and it is easy to maintain.

When installing cork in the basement, in order to reduce the risk due to potential moisture that may be caused by the concrete slab, a barrier is required for cork flooring to stop the moisture. A floating cork floor only requires a moisture barrier but glue down cork flooring requires both a moisture barrier along with a sub floor made of MDF backing or plywood.

Pros and Cons of a Cork Floor

Cork flooring stand the test of time there are many examples of cork floors being durable and being installed in high traffic areas. For example, the cork floor in the US Library of Congress, which was Frank Lloyd Wrights most famous design, is over 200 years old. And installed most recently was 21,000 square feet of durable and colorful cork flooring, installed in the Sagrada Família in Barcelona which is one of the worlds most fashionable monuments,

A cork floor may scratch easily if it is not sealed with an acrylic finish. Coating the cork floor with polyurethane will increase its life expectancy and have it looking new for years. The floor should be gently abraded and cleaned completely before applying a coat or two of good polyurethane. A residential home with normal wear and tear and a good polyurethane finish should give about 10 years of good use before needing to be refinished. Cork flooring in high traffic areas only should be cared for with a curable oil, or a hard wax oil. Again, only in high traffic areas. If the finish is taken care of properly, you will not need to strip and refinish a cork floor that is oiled.

Other Tips to Maintain Your Cork Floors

Place a floor mat or carpet at all doorways and make sure to wipe shoes clean. This will help preserve your cork floor tiles in the areas of high traffic. As with any floor, sand and foreign particles can cause damage to natural cork flooring. Felt furniture foot pads or furniture sliders make it easier for furniture to be moved around without causing floor damage.

Cork Flooring Prices Cork Floor Discounts

Wicanders cork flooring is often offered at a discount. Considering the benefits, the cost of cork flooring is very low. The cost per square foot, whether it is floating cork floors, cork floor tile, wall cork tile, or rubber cork, a range might be $6.00 to $15.00 per square foot; it just depends on the retailer.

Wicanders Commercial Cork Flooring Natural Cork Flooring

Cork Suppliers Common Cork Floor Products

  • cork floor tiles
  • cork wood
  • natural cork
  • cork roll
  • cork sheets
  • cork underlay
  • floating cork flooring
  • rubber cork
  • cork insulation and
  • cork panels

Not only there large variety of cork products, colors, and uses, there are a lot of cork suppliers (companies) selling cork. So, what must you search for when looking for a cork supplier, and what are some of the red flags?

In a nutshell, always buy Portuguese cork! Portugal, stills harvests cork by hand, this is the traditional method and is eco friendly. Harvesting by hand leaves the habitat intact and it leaves no negative impact on the surrounding environment. Cork comes from the cork oak tree. The trees are never harmed when harvested; in fact, the Portuguese cork forests are one of the best preserved eco systems in the world.

The cork oak forests help combat greenhouse gases and are residence to a variety of species on the endangered list. Portugal is the largest producer of cork and exports more than any other country in the world.

They supply 300 thousand tons per year. This is more than half the annual production level of the world. So if you would like to be supportive of this precious bio-diverse eco system, than when you purchase cork flooring be certain that it is from Portugal.

For hundreds of years, Portugal has been harvesting cork oak forests and producing cork wine stoppers, so cork is the heritage and history of Portugal. Cork farmers have passed their skills in cork harvesting from generation to generation and Portugal has a knack for exceptional workmanship in the cork industry.

Portuguese cork is superior and stands head and shoulders above all regions beyond the Mediterranean. Portugal acts within some of the strictest eco standards in the world when it comes to cork oak forests and its harvesting process. So consumers, when they choose Portuguese cork, can have a satisfying feeling knowing that they have chosen the worlds best, most eco-efficient cork when they choose Portuguese cork.

Natural Cork Locating Cork Suppliers

Look for cork suppliers that retail cork flooring that does not contain formaldehyde. There are many retailers throughout the US that handle cork flooring that minus the formaldehyde. Look especially for retailers who carry Wicanders cork. From the Dealers Locator button above you can locate a retailer that carries Portuguese cork flooring near you.

Our partners carry Portuguese cork flooring minus the formaldehyde MDF cores. You can find a list of cork suppliers here, with links to their manufacturers websites. You will be able to get information from eco-conscious retailers and also be assured that the products are free from formaldehyde.

Cork Flooring Summary For Going Green:

Remember what Candice Olson said, Cork Floors and Green Design are Divine. There is no question if you are thinking about installing a floor in your home, and want to be eco-friendly; a cork floor is the choice for you. And the Real Cork Floor campaign is about informing North America about the benefits of cork floors. Cork floors are easily to maintain once a proper sealant is applied. A natural cork floor will provide comfort and beauty for many years. There are many cork flooring companies, but make sure you get your cork without formaldehyde and make sure it comes from Portugal because harvesting is done using an eco friendly process, Wicanders cork is such a company that offers CORK FLOORING from Portugal. Are you wanting to Go Green. Think Green by choosing a CORK FLOOR from Wicanders.

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