Where To Purchase Cork Tile and Sheet Flooring

Where To Purchase Cork Tile and Sheet Flooring

A Complete Guide To The Purchase Process

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Factors That Can Influence Price

Thickness: The thicker the cork material is, the more plush and comfortable it will be. Thicker materials can also be refinished periodically to restore the look of the floor. However these benefits come with an exponentially increasing price tag.

Quality: The phrase “you get what you pay for” is often shown to be true, especially when making architectural material choices. Quality cork flooring requires manufacturers to take more time and care with the production process, which increases costs all down the line. While you might get lucky with bargain basement cork materials, in general the cost will reflect the process used to make it.

Specialty Options: Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you potentially have a wealth of design options available when dealing with cork flooring. This includes things such as specialty colors, stains, and multi hued effects, as well as various contrasting shapes and medallion cut out pieces.

Shipping: If you are buying cork online you always want to factor in the cost of shipping. While the materials are relatively light, the dozens or hundreds of tiles required to surface a room can add up to a lot of pounds. If buying from a physical location you need to look into any hidden delivery charges you may incur if you are not able to fit everything in your own vehicle.

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Installation: Hiring a professional to install your cork floor will of course increase the overall price. With cork tiles the installation is so easy that this probably won’t be necessary. However cork sheet materials are a little trickier, requiring precise measurements to ensure that the right cuts are made.

Buying Online Versus Going to a Store

The internet gives you a vast array of cork flooring options to choose from, connecting you with retailers across the country and even across the world. At the same time, it acts as an open playing field, pitting all of those retail outlets against one another in a bidding war for your business. This allows you to compare the prices, options, and features of different types of cork in order to get the best deal on exactly what you want.

On the other hand the internet does not allow you to experience the flooring being sold except through a picture taken by the retailer. That means that you can’t touch it, you have no idea how it will feel, or smell, and it’s very difficult to judge the quality of the cork that you are purchasing. With a physical store you can go in and personally experience a variety of options, which will give you a much more complete idea of what you are getting.

Most online cork suppliers will be happy to send you samples of the materials you are interested in, although you should be aware that these hand picked samples may be a higher quality than the overall material purchase you’ll be making. Of course samples displayed in a physical store can also over represent the cork tiles and sheets that are being offered. In either case you should make certain that there is an iron clad return policy in place for your protection.

Big Box Stores Versus Smaller Retailers

Big box stores refer to places such as Home Depot, or Lowes. These are huge warehouse style chains that sell thousands of home improvement materials and products, often including a full selection of cork flooring. The advantage of these stores is that they have massive buying power and can purchase flooring materials a very low bulk rate prices, which they can then pass on to you as savings.

With smaller cork and specialty flooring outlets the prices are going to be a little bit higher. However what you get for your money will be personal care and customer service as well as a much wider selection of cork tile and sheet options. Flooring from smaller stores also tends to be higher quality overall. This is because they don’t buy in such massive quantities, and therefore have the time and ability to weed out defective batches.

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