Wax Furniture Polish, Beeswax, Australian Wood Care Products Howard Products

Wax Furniture Polish, Beeswax, Australian Wood Care Products Howard Products

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Greetings/ I am pleased that at last I have come across this wonderful product! I run woodworking activities with groups. Could you please provide me with MSDS sheets for my students?

Mike & Pam

- Satisfied Customer — Mike & Pam You saved me from my mother-in-law. we thought she “gave” us the mahogany drop leaf table (pictured) more than 10 years ago. but now that we bought an antique oak table set, she wants hers back! Well … we re

Maureen I Melbourne

Hello David. I’ve just seen your mobile number in a five year old magazine I have and I decided on the spot that it was time to speak with you. I’m ringing you to say that I just love your products. You are a genius to have discovered them. My husband has

Peter Sutton

I watched your demo at the Canberra Wood Show and I literally couldn’t believe what you were doing with your Restor-A-Finish. After the demo I purchased the small restorer kit and I was amazed …everything you did, I did, and it worked. I had two really ba

Fiona Kennett

Thank you so much for responding to me so promptly after the disaster of the nail polish spill on my precious old blanket box. Following your advice I bought the Restore a Finish and steel wool from one of your suppliers in Melbourne. Well I was amazed Instead


I tried your Restor A Finish right before I was going to remove kitchen cabinet doors, strip, sand, re-stain, and polyurethane them. I am so grateful I spotted your product before I went to all that work. Restor A Finish is an amazing product and made


Hello, A friend has just introduced me to your restorafinish product- it was like magic happened in front of me, I could hardly believe what my eyes had seen. Colleen


Hello, Just wanted to say “thank you” for your awesome service. My parcel arrived this morning. It made my day. Many thanks, Karen

Monique Dawson

I’m such a ditzy blonde sometimes … I’m always telling people about Howard Orange oil and giving them samples from my one gallon container. My house and office always smell wonderful thanks to Orange Oil, and my parquetry and cork floors always look gr

Lyne M

Tried Ebony Restor-A-Finish on the bare scuffed wood on my table. It worked perfectly. Table looks fabulous. Found a Deco cabinet. It had a multi finish previous life. Stripped it and conditioned it with Citrus Shield. Had to pick out white paint, well

Laurel V

Your Clean-A-Finish is fantastic, I have been using it for years, especially on upholstery!!

Jenny H Feb 2013

Hi, recently I bought your orange tung oil for the front deck, I followed your instructions and it looks great — Thank you. Jen

Sue and Geoff W Redcliffe WA

Just want to say that my husband and I jointly used your products on the weekend to restore a badly marked dining table. I had placed a baby bath of hot water onto to table for my grandchildren, very foolishly I might add. The result was amazing and the table


Some weeks ago you provided advice about finishing the crib for my grandchild. I obtained the Orange Tung products and did as suggested and the outcome was spectacular. Many thanks

Comments: I put up with white rings on 2 of my dark timber tables i rang a french polisher he quoted me 200.00 dollars each to take out, i was reading House and Garden magazine when i spotted your ad. i purchased your product yesterday being a bit skeptical as

David. I recently asked for help from you with regards the finishing of some new red gum chopping blocks with your Orange Tung Wood Oil including a protective coat afterwards with your foodsafe Butcher Block Conditioner. Both large boards measuring 90cm X 50cm

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