Warm Up Your Bathroom Home Owner Net

Warm Up Your Bathroom Home Owner Net

Warm Up Your Bathroom

(ARA) — As the seasons begin to change, James and Morris Carey, the Carey Brothers, have been answering numerous questions on the best ways to winterize the home. The one room that many homeowners overlook is the bathroom, which — in the winter — can often feel like the coldest room in the house. There are a number of ways to take the chill from your bathroom, ranging from fixes requiring a contractor, to easy-do-it-yourself ideas. Whatever your budget, here are some of the solutions that they recommend.

Check the Windows

Maybe cool air is leaking from the windows into your bathroom, making it feel so cold. If you dont have the budget to replace the window, take some steps to seal any leaks. You can do this with a general purpose, silicone caulk. You can also install weather stripping to seal gaps around the window jambs and frames. Take this one step further and purchase a window film. Simply use a hairdryer to shrink the film to your window surface to keep chilly drafts outside. Consider lined curtains or heavy blinds to keep the cool air at bay and to hide any unsightly plastic or weather stripping. This will help keep your bathroom much warmer and even cut down on your heating bills.

Heat Up the Floors

Cold floors? No problem. Purchase some thick, plush rugs and sink your feet into warm comfort. There are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from and rugs are an inexpensive way to make your cold bathroom floor feel warmer. If you have the budget for a more extensive redo, consider installing a heated floor system. Nothing could feel better than stepping onto a warm floor on a cold morning. There are several types of heated floor systems on the market, including radiant, water heating systems, or electrical pad systems that are installed underneath a tile or stone floor. This requires the assistance of an electrical contractor and possibly a plumber, so it is best to meet with them to discuss your options and your budget. The results are comfortably warm floors, even on the coldest of days, a benefit many homeowners believe is well worth the expense.

Consider Your Shower Options

A steam shower won’t warm up your cold bath, but it will certainly warm you up and ease any tension you might be feeling. After five minutes in the steam shower, you won’t notice that your bathroom is cold. A steam shower requires floor to ceiling walls that are completely impervious to water. In addition, the ceiling must also be finished with a waterproof material such as tile or a solid surface material. A steam generator needs to be located in an accessible space immediately adjacent to the shower. Controls for the steam generator can be analog or electronic and can be located inside or out of the shower. Plan on a dedicated electrical circuit and a shower door system that runs from the floor to the ceiling. And don’t forget a top end fan to exhaust all of the excess steam once you are through using it.

But if that isnt in your budget, consider a new shower head. There are a range of new products on the market that can offer massaging technology, such as the Moen Revolution. This showerhead actually spins each water droplet while simultaneously twisting the whole shower stream. Users feel enveloped in the water and the larger drops make the shower feel warmer. The increased speed in movement of the water drops results in a perception of higher flow, higher pressure and the sensation of a massaging shower. What better way to start the day, than fresh and relaxed. The steam from your shower will help to fill your bathroom, making it feel warm and cozy.

Heat Lamps

Warm Up Your Bathroom Home Owner Net

With the turn of a dial, you can have a powerful, heated room experience. New heat lamp technology has enabled a number of manufacturers to incorporate infra-red heating technology into modern light bulbs, replacing the oversized versions of the past. These new heat lamps have a long life, provide instantaneous heating, are splash proof and are guaranteed to heat up your room — and you — when you step from the tub or shower. Speak with an electrician before installing a heat lamp to ensure safe installation

Wrap Yourself in Warmth

Consider purchasing new, plush towels to wrap yourself in warmth and comfort when you are finished bathing. And why not heat those towels too, before you use them? Heated towel bars are a wonderful addition to any bath. Once reserved for the rich and famous, they are much more affordable now. They are not only useful, but they can add some design flair as well. They come in a host of finishes and can be wall mounted, floor mounted, hard wired or plugged in. Once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Regardless of your budget, we hope you can incorporate some of these suggestions, take the chill from your bathroom and warm up this winter.

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