Tips to Use Grout Removal Tools

Tips to Use Grout Removal Tools

Tips to Use Grout Removal Tools

Old grout can give your flooring a shabby appearance. Removing old grout and replacing it with a new one, is the tactic most home owners use to give an instant makeover to their bathroom. This alleviates the need of bathroom remodeling and the job is pretty inexpensive. However, it can turn out to be a tedious job if you are not equipped with the necessary tools. Hence, if you are planning to remove the grout yourself, make sure you have arranged for all the appropriate tools before you start with the job. Also, have your gloves and goggles at hand, so as to prevent any dust from getting into your eyes. The following tips to use grout removal tools can come in handy while removing grout on your own.

Hammer and Screw Driver

This is the simplest method of removing old grout. Get a flat head screw driver and place it at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Tap the head of a screw driver gently with the hammer and chip the grout away. Make sure your don’t tap it hard, else you will end up damaging the ceramic tile flooring. Continue this process, until you have chipped away all the grout from its place. This process is only effective for loosening grout. Use a scraper brush to clear the grout. You will have to manually dispose it off. You might consider repeating the process with a grout scraper.

Grout Scraper

Buy a good quality grout scraper, preferably one with a carbide tip. The quantity of carbide tip would depend upon the size of your work area. With the hammer and screwdriver, chip off a bit of grout so as to get an entry point. Apply the tip of the grout scraper at this entry point and exert pressure in the downward direction. You will need to proceed very carefully, as one little slip may result in permanent scratch on your ceramic tile. However, if you find the grout scraping off easily, you may consider increasing the speed of the tool. The accumulated grout can be cleared with a scraper brush.

Power Grinder

Removing grout with a power grinder is a fast and the most efficient method. Hence, it is better if you can arrange for one. Ask your local Hire Shop, if they stock a power grinder. Keep it unplugged until you secure all the attachments in place. Attach the accessory for removal of grout and make sure it snaps perfectly. Do a quick check to make sure all the attachments and accessories are in place. Plug it in and turn on the switch. Proceed slowly and with utmost care. Make sure you do not work on the same area for long. Work evenly throughout your job site. Overworking on one area results in chipping and loosening of tiles in that area.

Reciprocating Saws

Tips to Use Grout Removal Tools

Grout grabber kits have reciprocating saws which remove grout. Carbide blades come as an additional attachment. Each blade is capable of removing grout for about 200 feet, linearly. The process of removing grout with grout grabber is similar to that with a scraper.

Oscillating Tool

Oscillating tool is useful for removing grout from places that are difficult to access. Its rotating blade can reach nooks and corners of the room, and remove grout. You can use a 1/16» or 1/8» wide blade, as per your requirement. Besides, its small size makes it easier to maneuver and work with.

Grout removal tools make the job of removing grout pretty fast and less cumbersome. After you have cleared all the surface off grout, it is time to clean it. Traces of grout will prevent the adhesive from sticking to the flooring. Hence, use a good quality cleaning solution to get rid of old grout.

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