The Most Comfortable Bedroom Flooring Options

The Most Comfortable Bedroom Flooring Options

The Most Comfortable Bedroom Flooring Choices

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Comfortable Carpeted Bedroom Floors

Carpet is the most common soft bedroom flooring choice available. It can be thick and fluffy, or short and bristly but it is always yielding under foot, creating a soothing, comforting atmosphere in the bedroom. Available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and patterns, carpeting can also be made from several different natural or synthetic materials.

Another benefit of using carpet as a bedroom flooring option is that it can provide a certain amount of insulation for the room. This can serve to cut off outside noises, making the space more secure and serene. At the same time it can also insulate the heat of the room, keeping it warm and cozy even in the chilly cold of winter.

The drawback to carpeting is that it is difficult to keep it truly clean. Dirt and discolorations tend to soak down into the fibers, staining and infecting the padding below. Steam cleaning can be used to flush the material to some extent, but there is some debate as to how truly clean these machines can get a dirty carpet.

Carpet also tends to attract dust and other allergens, holding them within their bristles until they are stepped upon, then sending them spewing into the air. This can be terrible for the indoor air quality of your bedroom and can contribute negatively to the overall comfort of this space.

Soft Rubber Bedroom Flooring

Rubber is an extremely durable, stain resistant, water resistant material, which can even be used in rigorous outdoor environments. At the same time it is very soft, yielding, and plush underfoot, allowing it to create a very soothing, comforting walking experience when installed in a bedroom. Like carpet, rubber flooring will insulate the bedroom against both noise and heat, and it is so soft that it can be used worry free in children’s bedrooms as well.

The drawback to rubber is that it can sometimes have a funny smell for days, or even weeks after being installed. This odor is non toxic and is not directly harmful to most people. However, a small percentage of the population may have a slight allergic reaction, and may be uncomfortable staying in a room where that scent is pervasive.

Comfy Cork Bedroom Floor Options

The Most Comfortable Bedroom Flooring Options

Cork is another floor surface covering that is very soft and yielding under foot. If you’ve ever felt a piece of cork from a bottle of wine or pressed the surface of a cork board you will know exactly how squishy it can be. In a bedroom flooring installation the level of softness will be determined by how thick the material is.

While cork is fairly easy to keep clean and maintain, the material itself is quite soft, and can easily be damaged by gouges, tears, and rips. Pet claws are particularly hazardous to the surface of cork floors. While bedrooms are generally low traffic locations, over time the look of your cork may degrade. The offset to this is that some cork can be refinished a limited number of times, allowing you to restore its original appearance.

Padded Vinyl Bedroom Floor Information

Vinyl itself is not a very comfortable floor, but is rather a very thin surface covering that takes on the properties of the subfloor beneath it. However, vinyl can be a very soft and pleasurable flooring material for a bedroom when combined with a quality padded underlayment layer. This will be a layer of foam or cork which rests under the vinyl, allowing it to take on their soft properties without having to give up its own resilient characteristics.

The drawback to vinyl in a bedroom is that there can be some mild off gassing of Volatile Organic Chemicals from the material into the air after installation. This risk is lessened by purchasing quality materials from a qualified eco friendly manufacturer.

The Comfort Of Natural Linoleum Bedrooms

Linoleum is a resilient, thin floor surface covering material that is very similar in its properties to vinyl. The difference is that linoleum is all natural. and has no environmental or off gassing VOC problems. However, these characteristics are balanced by the fact that it is not quite as durable, resilient, or nearly as resistant to water as vinyl floors are.

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