Slate Flooring An Introduction to Slate Floors by

Slate Flooring An Introduction to Slate Floors by

Slate Flooring — An Introduction to Slate Floors

Slate is an outstanding material which has been used as flooring for centuries. Slate flooring consists of a matrix of slate tiles which are cut from metamorphic rock found in large deposits all over the world.

Part of the appeal in using slate is the vast variety of colors in which it is found. The colors and intrinsic patterns on the surface are because of the grains of sand, fossils, crystals and silt that have been fused and bonded together for millennia under pressure. Slate floors can be found in a wide spectrum of colors from charcoalblack to greens, reds, grays, maroons and mottled mixtures of these colors. The charm of slate flooring is its distinctiveness, where no two floor tiles will be exactly the same though they might be cut off the same block.

Slate floor tiles are cut from thick slabs as slate is very friable and can flake or crack easily. The slate tiles have to be treated with an application of wax to make them waterproof. They also require to be sealed to prevent staining as all stones are porous to a certain extent. Slate flooring is durable, thermal resistant and because of its slightly rough surface is slipresistant.

Slate flooring is available in regular square and rectangular shaped tiles. Slate tiles can also be bought in random irregular shapes that will have to be cut to the desired geometric profile. Part of the beauty of slate flooring is that it can be made up of tiles of irregular shapes too.

Slate flooring is easy to maintain requiring only sweeping or swabbing with a damp mop. Stains can be removed with a mild cleaning agent such as vinegar or baking soda, but always be sure to follow the flooring manufacturer’s care instructions so you dont void a warranty. While slate floors can be relatively more expensive than other flooring, slate can easily be installed and will render years of use retaining its original appearance with marginal maintenance.

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Slate Flooring An Introduction to Slate Floors by

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