Prettfloor, Quality Cork flooring at Prettyfloor, Cork flooring Reviews

Prettfloor, Quality Cork flooring at Prettyfloor, Cork flooring Reviews

The flooring worked out very nice and I am very pleased with the product.

Just wanted to say that I got the floor today, the classic style cork. It looks great and installs really easily. Also, the delivery to the island was super quick, and on time and reasonably priced. I’m really happy with the purchase. There is no other place where I could have got cork at such a good price. Feel free to use this in your comments section.

click cork product is fantastic! thanks. can you ship me one box of the glue down jungle safari? i need it to finish another one of my rooms.

The floor(Bay Mud) is all laid and it looks great. Very few flawed boards. I have 3 un opened boxes for you, we are back down in your area from this sat around noon till tues night when we fly out at 6pm.

My husband and I were very happy with our purchase from you back in 2010. We are looking to purchase cork again from you. Can you give me a quote for chestnut brown and for carbonized vertical cork for 500 square feet, including shipping to Ontario as well as the underlay.

The floor(Burl Mountain) turned out amazing and so many people have given positive comments. I am actually planning on moving and may require more flooring soon. When I search around here looking at cork, the prices were higher and some flooring companies gave me false info regarding the product.

Everything is fine. It looks good(Vintage). Thanks for your prompt and efficient service, and good prices.

I just finished installing the flooring we bought last week and it looks great. It went down pretty easy too, although it took me a few days.

The floor looks great. You guys shipped me two difference types though. I got beveled and non beveled. Luck enough when I started the master bedroom I grabbed the beveled and it was enough to do the master bedroom. The other two bedrooms received the non-beveled. It could have been a disaster!

We just completed the flooring in the house with the exception of the stairs. So we put the cork flooring in our family. spare, living room, dining room, Master and spare bedrooms. It went well overall and my stepson Mike did a great job. The entire house looks great and even smells great compared to the carpet that was put in by the builder. We had several pieces that seemed flawed so they were used primarily in closets. We ended up with 2 + boxes left over. A lot of cutting for closets and floor vents. All in all very pleased with the price, overall quality, shipping time, etc. I’m still promoting your product and as friends visit, I’ll promote the cork flooring and your company. A neighbor put one room in with cork that he purchased from here and believe this or not, he paid the same price as I did for my entire cost including taxes and shipping. He was blown away when I told him my cost. Anyways, thanks again James, The floors look great.

Yeah — I’m totally loving it. It’s so much warmer than the laminate that used to be in the room — it almost feels like I have radiant in-floor heat! Installation was stupid-simple. If my room had been totally clear of the couch, desk and home theatre gear, I could’ve had the 200 sq.ft. down in probably 3-4 hours.

I received the flooring and installed it. It looks and feels great. I wondered whether you have transition pieces available for doorways for the cork flooring.

So I’ve installed my cork floor in the bathroom and it looks awesome. I coated with «bowling alley» touch polyurethane and it is holding up to the moisture quite well. I am wondering if i can get a receipt from you for tax purposes? As i don’t believe i’ve received on. I’m also thinking about ordering another 250 sq ft or so to do my kitchen/dining room but will let you know.

Hi James- AWESOME CORK FLOORING. I installed 32 sq.ft. of the product as a start last night in my office. It looks really good, is very easy to install and has a nice feel on your feet. All in all; A++

We just got our floors put in and they look great. We will recommend your business to people in the future!

Yes sir, opened it and 100% satisfied! Thank you.

Hi James, The floor is beautiful. I will send you pictures soon.

The cork flooring I purchased from Prettyfloor is fantastic. The colour is beautiful and it gives the room a very warm, unique look. It was very easy to install and work with. I would definitely go with cork from Prettyfloor again.

Thank you very much. We have picked up the flooring today and we are pleased with the turnout. We appreciate your good communication. You have been a great seller to deal with and we would recommend you to others. Sincerely –

We only lived with the floor for a few months now, but so far its worn well, not scratched and is very comfortable underfoot. I installed it in a playroom, so its been perfect for the daily wear and tear that rooms takes from all the toys and games played on it. I also am very happy with the burl coffee colour I choose, we get many compliments on it. So far so good

Thanks for getting in touch with me. The samples look great, but I am actually looking for a lighter more subtle color of cork. The yucca sample you have looks nice in the picture on your site, but I don’t want to have to varnish/finish it. I’d prefer it already be done. If you get anymore light samples in, please contact me.

It holds up really well. It’s also just a little bit ‘cushy’ though you probably won’t notice that too much unless you’re standing on it for a long period of time. It’s got some sound-insulation qualities, certainly more than wood or tile floors but probably not as much as a carpet. The best thing about cork flooring is that it’s a green building product.

We like it a lot. We used it in a hallway that leads to bedrooms and a bathroom. It is pretty, durable (so far), easy to install, unique, more comfortable than harder woods. I do not understand the claims that it is hyperallergenic. Like all such floors, it is covered with a clear poly glaze, so the surface is the same as any other. the glaze on our floor is very good. It flexes without cracking. Repels water. Our very large dog has not scratched it yet. So far it is great. the only downside that I see compared to some other laminates is that it is pretty expensive.

Hypoallergenic because it doesn’t have off-gasing problems like vinyl and like any non-carpet hard surface, you can actually clean the dirt allergens off it. In that regard, just about any hardwood or real linoleum is the same. Carpets are terrible for holding allergens and puffing them into the air with every step.

Hi- I recently put cork floors in my piano studio (I chose cork for acoustic reasons — hardwood or tile would have been too reverberant.) Much to my surprise, rolling around the 600 pound Steinway grand piano does not dent or even scratch the floor, although it feels resilient under foot. I don’t know yet about sun fade. I’m very happy with my floor. The only thing I would do differently is to have put several additional coats of sealer on after installation for a more uniform sheen. Rebecca ________________________________________

Hi. We have cork floors in a home office. They are very soft on your feet and warm; and they look great; and like bamboo, are a renewable resource. The only consideration is the softness also means they could be gouged by falling pots, etc. We have several small gauges from moving furniture around after less than a year of use. (actually furniture is probably more gauging than falling pots- but you’d have to be super careful if you do any remodelling later- demo. work or moving a stove in or out.) Otherwise I’d highly recommend it. We bought ours on clearance at floor dimensions in El Sobrante- their installer was very expensive so we hired someone else who did well with the cork but horribly with a linoleum floor so I am reluctant to recommend him. (I also like the way bamboo looks but my contractor friend was concerned about the amount of glue used holding the reeds together especially in the thin reed patterns- his feeling was they wouldn’t hold up over a long period of time- i.e. not a solid plank like wood.) Chris ________________________________________

We just installed cork tiles in our kitchen, sunroom, and bathroom, and we LOVE it. We had to do the urethane coating after installation (I believe that the newer kind is pre-coated). I’m not sure how the two kinds compare in terms of durability, but I’ve been amazed at how water resistant and durable the flooring is. It’s also so easy to clean—just a damp mop. And because the surface is so smooth, sweeping is really easy and you don’t feel like stuff is getting stuck in grout or whatever. While I can’t vouch for its long-term durability, based on our experience so far, I’d definitely recommend going with cork. Genevieve ________________________________________

We have had cork flooring in our kitchen for about three years. We got it prefinished and then put a topcoat on it after a dishwasher accident that caused some water damage. People give us lots of complements on it, but I’m not sure we’d select it again. I love the softness underfoot and it stands up well to foot traffic, but we have had two dishwasher accidents which caused extensive damage to the floor (to the tune of $1000+). Although the promoters say it stands up to water comparably to a wood floor, I haven’t found that to be true. If water gets under the panels, it causes damage from the bottom up, which is a very different dynamic than wood floors. If you are careful and are sure that no appliances will fail, go for it. If we had a different dishwasher (mind you, this is a new bosch that’s malfunctioned twice!!), I might be writing a very different recommendation here. Laurie ________________________________________

We put down cork flooring in our kitchen. It was hard to find any information and some people adivsed against it, but we love it. It’s great to know that we used a sustainable resource; it’s comfortable to walk on; it serves as a good acoustic barrier to our downstairs; it was easy to install (we used the click together kind, and we did it ourselves). We ordered it online. I searched many websites until I found the dark color I wanted. I think that a light color might show stains. And, water left a mark until we used a sealer. Email me if you’d like more information. Stefanie

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