Preparation — Comfort Collection for Floating Cork Floors Cork Floor by Wicanders

Preparation - Comfort Collection for Floating Cork Floors Cork Floor by Wicanders

Preparation Comfort Collection for Floating Cork Floors


Wicanders floating floors with CORKLOC can be installed in most domestic areas and in almost all commercial areas except in bathrooms, saunas and persistently wet rooms.

Wicanders Floating floors with CORKLOC can be laid on top of most hard surfaces such as resilient floor coverings, wood flooring and ceramic tile. Soft subfloors such as carpets and similar must be removed.

The subfloor must be even, flat, dry and variations should not exceed 3 mm in 2 m (0.12 in 6.6 feet).

All type of concrete, wooden and ceramic surfaces must be completely dry.

Never install Wicanders floating floors with CORKLOC without using a PE moisture barrier film with a minimum thickness of 0,2 mm (.008).

Radiant-Heated Subfloors:

For Wicanders floating floors with CORKLOC . the surface temperature of the subfloor must not exceed 28C (82F). For detailed information, follow the instructions supplied by the subfloor heating system manufacturer/contractor, or contact your supplier.

Remember that rugs or mats placed on top of the floor may function as heat accumulators and will increase the floor surface temperature more than the maximum surface temperature recommended (must not exceed 20 22 C).

Installation of Wicanders Floors over Heated Subfloors:

Any Heated Subfloor has certain working conditions depending on the heating system and the subfloor.

In order to avoid problems with functioning and durability during the construction phase, the norms and rules concerning installation are to be followed very strictly.

The drying of a heated subfloor has to be made by turning the heating on/off with a pause before installation of the floor, following a documented protocol. After that you can begin the heating phase.

The beginning of the heating phase in concrete subfloors is to be made not before 21 days after complete curing of the substrate. The heating phase has to begin with running temperature of 25C, (78F) during 3 days.

Preparation - Comfort Collection for Floating Cork Floors Cork Floor by Wicanders

The subfloor should be in place and cured for at least 60-90 days.

The temperature should then be increased each day until the maximum temperature allowed according to the manufacturer system. This maximum value should be kept for at least 72 hours and maintained for 5-7 days without any turning off. The decreasing of temperature is made by reducing it each day until 18C on the surface is achieved.

During the installation, the temperature of the surface should not exceed 18C (65F) and should be kept for 3 days after finishing the installation (for floating floors). Then the temperature should be increased slowly to a max. of 28C (82F) on the subfloor surface.

Expansion Gaps:

Wicanders floating floors with CORKLOC are installed as a floating floor, so the planks should not be fixed to the subfloor.

The skirting boards cannot be pressed down, for not restricting the movement of the floor. Also provide 10 mm ( 1/2 inch) expansion gaps to the walls and other fixed objects.

Floor areas superior to 100 m (900 sq. ft), or with dimensions greater than 10 m (30 feet) in either direction, transitions between two rooms and asymmetrical floor areas require extra expansion gaps.

Installation Procedure

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