Look! Installing Our Cork Flooring Apartment Therapy

Look! Installing Our Cork Flooring Apartment Therapy

Look! Installing Our Cork Flooring

Desperate to get our kitchen up and running so we can stop devouring take-out, we’re inching closer and closer each day. The latest production: installing our cork floors over roughed-up wood floors that we decided not to sand and refinish.



Nice floors ladies!

How is the cork treated? Does it have some sort of a seal on it so that stains do not get absorbed?

I have the exact same cork floor in my combo kitchen/dining area. I love it! Please comment on if and how you seal yours though, as mine is beginning to look a little dull. Don’t let that make you nervous though — my kitchen acts as a pass through so it gets a ton of foot traffic. I’m also a little paranoid, so it may just be my imagination.

I love the idea of cork but I’ve read that it doesn’t hold up well since it’s so soft. I’d be curious to see how yours does in a few months.

veruca— cork flooring has been used since the early 1900’s and was incredibly popular in mid-century homes. it’s definitely not a newish product :)

srw, I have the same floor in my kitchen from LumberLiquidators. I sealed with water-based polyurethane. It did get dull, but I like the more matte finish it has now. If you like it shiny, just put another coat of polyurethane: it said so in the instructions.

I would highly recommend sealing it. We installed the same cork about two and a half years ago in our kitchen. It still looks great, but some of the edges are buckled slightly in places where it has gotten wet (i.e. the stretch between the sink and the dishwasher)

Aha! wax. I Bet the wax gives it a bit of an organic look.

Okay — question, how cheap is it to get the snap together cork floor? My landlord nixed me purchasing anything hardwood (2nd floor apt), but cork does have sound proofing. I have asthma. so wondering how much $$ cork would cost on the cheap. Feedback?

Look! Installing Our Cork Flooring Apartment Therapy

Veruca, I have gray cork from Globus in my kitchen, and they look great after a year. That’s not that long, but it’s a high-traffic area.

Could this be installed over existing uneven (i.e. chipped & cracked) vinyl tile? I bought a rental apartment that I then turned into a condo. I’d love to have cork floors like this but I am concerned about lifting the existing floor on my own.

Also, besides polyurethane & wax are there options for sealing these?

I just installed basically the same thing. You’re right it doesn’t just «snap» in place. I used a block of wood and a hammer to get it right. Overall it was easier than the hardwood I’ve done.

I’d imagine cork would be quite forgiving on the feet compared to ceramic Fontessa.

we installed the same brand of cork click-panels this summer. ours were a bleached cork so it’s nearly-white looking. maybe more in between a light tan and off white. we sealed ours with 7 layers of water-based polyurethane, and unfortunately, our dog has ripped the bejeezus out of the floor. we probably had to start talking about how we’d replace or cover or fix the floor after two months. ( i am unsure if it is the color we chose, as any deep scratching shows brown on the underneath since the cork is only surface-bleached. has anyone else had a disappointing experience with their cork floors? putting it in was fairly easy, but with the wear ours is taking, i wouldn’t do it again.

Lots of useful info here, thanks. I am thinking of doing my bedrooms in a cork floor as I like the idea of having something thats warm under foot and soft like a carpet, but easy to sweep like laminate.

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