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Keith Clay Floors - Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Ft. Worth, Plano, Frisco, Rowlett,

More About Bamboo And Cork

Natural Beauty And Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo and Cork flooring is both green, and extremely popular right now. The ‘Green’ floor and sustainability aspect is one of the reasons it has become so popular. If you are not familiar with these types of flooring lets talk about that for a few minutes.

Most people think «»bamboo floors»» and imagine strips of uneven cane or round poles which would seem difficult or uncomfortable to walk on if used as a floor. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, this relatively new type of flooring is as flat as any other hardwood or laminate floor as we know it. It comes in a variety of color selections, and has taken over in some designer markets.

Considered completely green and sustainable, recent technological advances have enabled manufacturers to turn bamboo stalks into high quality ultra smooth flooring on a grand scale in order to meet the fast growing demand for this exceptionally stylish floor covering.

Similar to other wooden floors, these beautiful processed and machined cane comes in short laminated strips, planks or tiles. All of which are considered green. The installation process is conducted in much the same way as most other similar types of flooring. Pros agree that being tough and durable, it will also last many years if both properly installed and cared for. Keith Clay Floors can help you find out more, schedule a visit and answer any questions you may have about these beautiful green flooring products.

Bamboo flooring is usually offered in two colors: natural and carbonized. A process of boiling generates the different colors. This carbonized bamboo has a smoke like hue that resembles caramel. And if boiled longer, the starch is caramelized creating the difference in the hue, whereas, a shorter boiling time retains the natural blonde color of the bamboo. Still, there is a range of shades within the natural and the carbonized bamboo. The natural blonde flooring is harder than the carbonized flooring, which is lessened by thirty percent. Even so, each type remains as hard as a few hardwoods. The grains of the bamboo being vertical or flat give each a different look. It comes pre-finished with a coating that protects its fibers. It also receives a sealer and a coating for scratch resistance. Bamboo flooring also has a snap together option. It also comes in tongue and groove, floating, and a nailed option. The knowledgeable people at Keith Clay floors can answer any questions about this bamboo flooring.

Great floors also start with Cork. Floors are no longer objects that just serve a function. They surpass the value assigned by nature and infuse unique beauty to its surrounding design and are considered ‘Green’, making them in high demand. The question remains, what is your style? Is green and sustainable a viable consideration for your remodel or replacement option? No matter what your style is, Natural Cork & Bamboo flooring offers an eclectic assortment of floor coverings sure to enhance the ecological and green products sensibility of your space.

Cork is A Natural Green Flooring Product

Keith Clay Floors - Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Ft. Worth, Plano, Frisco, Rowlett,

Cork, as a natural ‘Green’ product too, and really can warm and enrich any interior location. Cork flooring always blends in well with other decorations and furniture and comes in a wide range of colors, from its familiar honey tones to green, red, chocolate and black. Production of Cork tiles is also environmentally friendly and is totally sustainable. No cork trees are cut down, only the bark is peeled without destroying the tree, and it grows back within nine years, ready to be harvested again. How green can this be! Sustainable is the watchword for this cool product.

Cork flooring can be beautiful in a child’s room, family room, music room, kitchen, or bathroom — a cork floor is always the correct green flooring choice. Cork is tough, resilient and water resistant. Cork absorbs sound and provides acoustical excellence. Naturally highly abrasion resistant, these floors are often also used in public buildings including schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shops and offices.

Cork is a substance taken from the cork oak tree’s bark. This oak tree is native to the Mediterranean. One cork tree in Portugal planted in 1873 is still a producer. Cork flooring like wood and bamboo are favorable environmentally. It is a very unusual type of floor. It is great at suppressing sound, it is a good thermal insulator, and it is safe for people with allergies. Cork flooring is a shock absorber, which makes it good for rooms where people stand a lot. There is an array of colors in cork, shapes of tile, and patterns. It’s insect resistant. The suberin in it also resists mold and keeps cork from rotting, if wet for an extended period.

It’s easy to clean by vacuuming and use damp mop for mopping. Use a cleaner that the manufacturer suggests, it should be PH-balanced and mild. Keith Clay Flooring proudly sells cork flooring and invites you to call to find out more today.

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