Forbo Marmoleum

Forbo Marmoleum

Forbo Marmoleum

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About Linoleum:

Linoleum is an environmentally friendly floor option available at Longleaf Lumber.  We carry linoleum manufactured by Forbo, which carries the trade name Marmoleum.  Marmoleum is biodegradable, durable, allergen-free, bacteria resistant, and easy to clean.  All its ingredients are minimally processed and commonly available. Forbo also recycles all of its manufacturing remnants back into the production process.  Linoleums ingredients include the following:

  • Linseed Oil: pressed from the seeds of the flax plant.
  • Wood Flour: Obtained through lumber industry waste (sawdust).
  • Pine Rosins: Tapped from trees without harming their growth.
  • Limestone: Very finely ground and commonly found throughout the planet.
  • Pigments: Ecologically responsible and organic.
  • Jute: Spun from the fibers of jute plants in India and Bangladesh.  Used as backing material.

Marmoleum is offered in a wide variety of color choices.  Most are color combinations (two-eight mixed) for marbled or splattered effects.  There are also solid colors.  Because Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials, customers should be aware that slight color differences are possible between the production batches, samples and the delivered goods.

Color Examples:

Glue-down borders are available in 13 standard patterns and over 100 colors.

Forbo Marmoleum

A temporary yellowing, or ambering, occurs during the manufacturing process when the linseed oil oxidizes, but when the floor is exposed to light the ambering disappears.

Surface Finish:

Marmoleums surface finish, Topshield, consists of a strong, durable, cross-linked primer that ensures smoothness and durability and provides a top layer that guarantees resistance to scuffing and dirt.  It is UV-cured (baked) to provide a non-porous surface.  After installation, there is no need to apply another coat of poly.

Heat Welding:

For high-traffic and/or water commercial applications, welding rod strips are available to heat-weld seams.  Residential areas where some additional protection is desired between sheets or tiles require a coat or two of floor finish to seal the cracks.

Forbo The Company:

One of the largest floor covering manufacturers in the world, their linoleum production facilities have been in continuous operation since the mid to late 1800s.  Forbo is Committed to protecting the environment and investing in a sustainable future by constantly seeking to create more environmentally friendly products and processes.  The company is based in Europe with a U.S. headquarters in Hazelton, PA.

Linoleums Characteristics: 

  • Durable: Marmoleum continues to harden and become more durable over time.
  • Easy to clean: Dust wiping is the most effective and efficient method of removing loose dirt.  Spot treatment with a neutral cleaner and damp cloth or mop is sufficient for stains. For best results use Marmoleum Cleaner and Finish products.
  • Contributes to healthy indoor air: Anti-static properties make cleaning easier because dust and dirt do not easily adhere to the floor a benefit for people with allergies & asthma.  Bactericidal properties prevent micro-organisms from multiplying.
  • Natural and environmentally friendly: Made with natural materials, Marmoleum causes no adverse health effects, during production, its useful life, or in disposal.  No harmful VOCs are emitted.  Adhesives are also solvent free and meet all low VOC requirements.
  • Color fast.
  • Suitable for warm water underfloor hearing.

Two Sizes:  The Click Floating Floor is available in two sizes.

  • 1 x 1 Squares (actual size is 11-13/16 x 11-13/16).  6.89 square feet per carton.
  • 1 x 3 Panels (actual size is 11-13/16 x 35-13/16).  20.56 square feet per carton.

The tiles are three-layer tiles: Marmoleum with Topshield finish at the surface, High-Density Fiberboard pre-cut with interlocking tongues and grooves in the middle, and cork as a base layer.

  • Can be installed over an existing floor.
  • More forgiving of subfloor irregularity.
  • Easy to install simply click panels into place.
  • No glues required.
  • Three-layer construction provides sound reduction.

Colors: Click Floating Floor colors: click here .

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