Five Great Looking, Eco Friendly Kitchen Flooring Options

Five Great Looking, Eco Friendly Kitchen Flooring Options

Five Great Looking, Eco Friendly Kitchen Flooring Options

by Owner on June 13, 2011

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating your home, one of the many rooms that often gets a facelift is the kitchen. When you’re thinking of making changes to your kitchen, be sure to explore all your different eco friendly kitchen flooring options.

As a room where many people spend much of their time at home, the kitchen is often the focal point of a home.  No matter what kind of kitchen you have: eat-in kitchen, adjoined kitchen and dining room or even a galley kitchen, there are many ways to make dramatic, eco friendly changes to that oh-so-important room in your home. Here are five of them:

Linoleum is back! Its a very eco friendly flooring option and with good reason. It’s completely petroleum-free, and made from linseed oil, cork, limestone, resin, wood flour and other natural substances. Due to its composition, it’s a great inexpensive option to cover your kitchen floor – and is quite durable.

Many linoleum kitchen flooring options last between thirty and forty years! And when you’re tired of looking at the same pattern year after year, you won’t suffer a horrid guilt trip about disposing of it because it is completely recyclable.

For the past few years, bamboo has made a big splash on the kitchen flooring scene. Because bamboo, as a plant, is rapid growing, it is seen as an easily harvested source for materials suitable for floors. However, some growers in China have started destroying forests in an effort to convert those forest areas into bamboo “farms.”  That’s why it’s so important that, if you choose to use bamboo for your floor, you need to make sure that it’s approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These FSC certified bamboo products do not cause deforestation and look great in your room. Best of all, bamboo is fire and water resistant (but not water proof) and is easy to clean with s solution of just vinegar and water. Now that’s eco-friendly kitchen flooring for you!

Reclaimed wood is a great kitchen flooring option if you’re looking to add some character to your kitchen floor. Rather than spending thousands on new timber, and adding to the deforestation of another part of the world, choose reclaimed wood. This gives you the opportunity to use wood from old barns, factories, warehouses to add character and style to your kitchen without draining your bank account. And if you’re looking for exotic woods such as mahogany, this may well be the only way that you can obtain them anymore.

Rubber sounds like probably the most un-environmental kitchen flooring option you could think of, but when it’s recycled rubber flooring, it’s a great solution to the pollution and cleaning problem in your kitchen. Chefs love rubber floors in the kitchen —  why? Because it’s spongy texture eases the stress on their back and knees where they spend so much time every day. A recycled rubber kitchen floor is super because, not only  does it absorb the shock on your body as you walk and work in the kitchen, it also absorbs sound, making it a great way to keep the bang and clatter of dishes and pots from intruding on others in the house —  or their noises from disturbing you. Another great benefit of recycled rubber kitchen flooring is how easy they are to clean. Simply lift up your floor, take it outside and hose it down – no chemical cleansers are necessary to clean these floors!

Cork is another excellent option when you’re considering re-doing your kitchen floor. This fire, mildew, mould and fungus resistant building material not only looks great, it also offers the same sorts of benefits to your back and knees as recycled rubber flooring.  Its warm, gentle cushioning makes it a pleasure to spend time in the kitchen, and as the cork oak tree is never harmed or cut down in the de-barking process, the old-growth cork oak trees continue to thrive year after year, generation after generation. This ensures a long-term, sustainable supply of cork, that you can feel good about using for your kitchen flooring.

Want to see what these eco friendly kitchen flooring options look like? Check out this video:

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