Eco Floor Choices – Cork Flooring Home improvement knowledge Kitchen Design bathroom pebble tiles

Eco Floor Choices – Cork Flooring Home improvement knowledge Kitchen Design bathroom pebble tiles

Eco Floor Choices – Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has been popular for many years and is growing in popularity thanks largely to its environmentally friendly credentials.  Cork is actually the bark of the Cork Oak, which grows mainly in Mediterranean countries – particularly Spain and Portugal.  The harvesting process does not harm the tree and the bark gradually re-grows, making it in one of the ultimate renewable resources of the flooring world.

Traditional uses include the stopper for wine bottles from the same region and high quality cork is prized for use in Champagne bottles.  Harvesting takes place on each tree every nine years and leaves the tree undamaged.  Cork flooring. along with Bamboo flooring, is considered by many to be the best alternative to hard wood flooring.

Where to find the best flooring at the lowest price.

In addition cork flooring is relatively cheap compared to other wood floor products.  The main features that make cork such an attractive choice are listed below:

Benefits of Cork

  • Like all wood flooring, cork floors have health advantages.  Carpet can contribute to a number of allergies and asthma.  Mites and bacteria thrive in the fibres of carpets and vacuuming will not remove the majority of these potentially harmful bacteria.  Cork flooring is  resistant to the build-up of mite and allergens and is easily cleaned by vacuuming.
  • Cork bark has a unique honeycomb structure which gives it strength and durability.  These properties also give it certain qualities not found in other wood flooring including insulation and noise reduction – making it an excellent choice in apartments.
  • Each cork floor. like wood, is unique.  The patterns and ‘texture’ in cork mean that no one piece is the same.  As a floor covering it is an attractive feature with all the beauty of natural wood and considered by many to be more comfortable.
  • Any wood flooring, including cork, is resilient and hard wearing.  It is also easier to replace if damaged.  Cork flooring often comes in the form of tiles and any badly damaged areas can be easily lifted and replaced – often at minimal cost.  Carpet, once damaged, is much harder to patch and usually requires complete and expensive replacement.
  • Cork flooring is considered to be one of the most comfortable  materials in the wood flooring range.  It combines the durability and looks of wood with warmth and comfort more commonly associated with carpeting.  With many wood floors you’ll be tempted to add rugs, but the natural qualities of cork flooring mean this is not necessary.

All wood flooring including cork and bamboo will require some form of sealant to protect it, the sealants used in cork flooring give adequate protection and modern treatments do not usually involve harmful chemicals.

Fire Retardation

Cork flooring will often incorporate a fire retardant protection which helps to create an even safer environment.  Cork can be easily cleaned with simple vacuuming and wiping.  Spills are less damaging – especially when dealt with quickly.  The material will suit just about any home, whatever the style or décor, and can be a very quick and effective ‘makeover’ technique for those improving or selling their homes.

A Good Choice For Families With Children

For those with small children cork is a robust, warm, insulating material which can withstand the rigours of ‘toddler-hood’.  A perfect finishing touch to any room, cork flooring is an eco-friendly flooring material that doesnt cost the earth.

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