Easy tile-in square shower drains

Easy tile-in square shower drains

Dress up your shower with one of these unique, easy to install drains

4″ Square Drain Riser for 2″ ABS or PVC Drains

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. «How do I clean my new square shower grate?»

A. Use a mild detergent such as dishwashing soap or one of our non-abrasive cleaners. Rinse and wipe the drain grate surface dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, bleach or acid as these can ruin the finish.

Q. «What does ‘PVD’ mean?»

A. «PVD» stands for «Physical Vapor Deposition» which is a modern plating process used in manufacturing. Vaporized zirconium reacts with nitrogen and other gases to form a very durable plated surface. Unlike polished brass finishes in the past that would easily tarnish over time, finishes with PVD are extremely durable and won’t generally tarnish or discolor.

Q. «What is the hot mop adapter kit?»

A. The H-Mop Adapter Kit is designed to adapt common cast iron shower drains to be compatible with our square drain bodies. Cast iron drains are popular in shower construction within the state of California because they can easily withstand the 500 temperature of hot tar waterproofing while normal PVC and ABS plastic drains would melt when exposed to these temperatures.

Q. «How do you use the hot mop adapter kit?»

A. Step 1. Install a cast iron EZ Test drain onto the shower drain pipe.

Step 2. Using mortar, you will need to create a 1/4″ (per foot) slope towards the drain from the outer edges of the shower floor, flush to the bottom portion of the shower drain. This slope is very important! If not sloped correctly, moisture could eventually seep through to the hot mop seal area and be unable to drain properly. This stagnant moisture could breed bacteria and mold that would eventually come back up through the grout joints.

Step 3. Remove the top portion of the cast iron shower drain and thread a 2″ pipe nipple into the lower portion of the cast iron drain. Cap off the 2″ pipe with a threaded cap. This will keep any hot tar from falling into the drain during the hot mopping of the shower base.

Step 4. Hot mop the shower. We suggest this be done by a qualified, experienced professional.

Step 5. After the hot mop has been completed, unscrew and remove the 2″ pipe nipple and cap along with the top portion of the cast iron drain. The hot mop adapter kit will now be used to replace the top portion of the cast iron drain. Attach the hot mop adapter kit to the bottom portion of the cast iron drain, using the three screws to secure the flange. The square riser can be raised, or lowered, to the desired height by pushing or pulling it into, or out of, the flange. The threads on the riser are not designed to provide support for the riser, only to adjust the height of the grate. There are no threads on the flange which allows the riser to be tipped in any direction to make the top surface level, even if the bottom portion of the cast iron drain was not installed level.

Easy tile-in square shower drains

Step 6. You are now ready for the final mortar application. The riser will be locked into position by the mortar and interlocked with the tile grout because of the ribbed design on the four sides of the riser. A plastic weap hole protector ring (included with the adapter kit) and the tight fit of the riser prevents mortar from entering the drain, yet still allows the drain to weep properly once the tile is installed on top of the mortar.

Q. «How do you adjust the height of the drain riser?»

A. Raise the drain riser by twisting it out to the desired tile plus thin set mortar height soon after the slope is established.

Q. «I’ve purchased your square drain riser but it fits somewhat loosely in the drain body I have. Will I be able to use your riser with my drain body?»

A. The fit between the square drain riser and the clamping flange of each drain brand will vary. Some will fit looser than others. If the fit is too loose to create good thread engagement, PTFE tape can be used to build up the threads on the square drain riser to a larger diameter as needed to create a snug fit. The sole purpose of the threaded fit is to allow the square drain riser to be raised by unscrewing it later in the process of building and tiling the shower floor. It is helpful to realize that these threads are not intended to ultimately carry the structural load of foot traffic over the drain. Those loads are carried by the mortar bed that is packed beneath and around the square bowl of the drain riser when properly installed.

Q. «What’s that thing sticking out of the grate and why is it needed?»

A. The square drain as pictured here shows the grate puller which is included with all finishes of our square grates. The friction fitting grate along with the grate puller allow you to remove the grate without the hassle of screws which is one of the most typical ways drain grates are attached.

Q. «What is the white cover that is shown in the square drain riser pictures?»

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